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Quality time on a college visit …. Main Line children and family photographer spent the day at Connecticut College

The reason I chose to follow my passion and become a professional photographer (aside from the obvious pull to follow ones passion) has always been so that I could be there for my children when they need me.  What I never even imagined was how much was involved in the college application process and how stressful it is.  Trust me there are wonderful things about it too, like family road trips and even better mother son road trips.  We have had some wonderful bonding moments on the road on these college visits, and my business has been put behind this endeavor the past several months and that is just fine.  There will always be more business out there, but there will never be another senior year for my son.

This past weekend Jason and I had one of our best college visits yet.  Part of the reason for me was that it was just the two of us, but what really set this apart was the school we visited.  Some things were tangible like the beautiful campus, the great student and staff speakers, and the overall organization of the day, but what really struck both of us was more of a feeling we both had on campus.  I’m sure the unbelievably nice student body helped, one boy showed us his dorm, another showed us his senior art studio (which was great because although Jason does not intend to major in Photography, he wants it to still be an important part of his college experience) that young man also spent about 40 minutes telling us all about life at Conn, and everyone we met smiled at us and said hello!  We had the chance to sit in on a senior seminar Psychology course taught by Professor Vyse, and although much of it went over my head the teacher’s passion for his subject and students could not be missed when I repeatedly saw the sparkle in his eyes as they lit up every time a student spoke.  The student body is clearly a dynamic and intelligent group that is globally aware, environmentally conscious, highly motivated, and really nice!

As we left my son (who I had my doubts about until the start of Junior year) turned to me and said, “I want to be in an environment like this, somewhere that it’s cool to be smart and where students are excited about learning for learning sake, a place I can have intellectual conversations with other like minded people who care about more then just themselves and where the next party is”.    Imagine how I felt knowing that a single day on this campus as a visitor inspired these feelings in my son, well aside from having to hold back the tears all I could think of is how he would grow in a school like this and the wonderful contributions he might make to the world with the right guidance.

At dinner in the town of New London that evening (shout out to Dev’s on Bank street for the delicious dinner) before our 4 hr. drive back to Philly, I asked my son what I call the house question (named this because it was what I asked myself in every house we looked at 18 years ago, and what I asked both kids as we searched for overnight camps when they were little… does it feel like home)?  No hesitation at all, he answered right away… “Yes, I can really see myself here” (this is the exact same sentence he used at 9 years old when we stopped off at a pizza place for lunch after visiting the overnight camp that he would spend the next 7 summers of his life at, the place he still considers his 2nd home).

Now we are back to reality and the not so fun part, the applications, the common app issues, being on top of GC’s and teacher recommendations, the anxious waiting, and most importantly the day to day stress of senior year when you need to prove that last years 4.26 GPA was not a fluke, but who you actually are now.   Clearly CC won us over because of the over all feel of the school, they obviously attract a certain type of student and every staff member we have had contact with has been highly engaged, informative, full of life, exuding passion about where they are and what they are doing, but on a totally superficial level the school is gorgeous so being a photographer I had to document the beauty of the campus.  Enjoy a little preview of Connecticut College (but don’t apply there, we don’t need any more competition).

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