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Philadelphia premier of Law Abiding Citizen… Philadelphia commercial photographer

Philadelphia got a little taste of Hollywood last night at the premier of the thriller Law Abiding Citizen!
The film directed by F. Gary Gray and starring Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Leslie Bibb, Regina Hall, Bruce McGill, and Viola Davis to name a few is sure to be a big hit! It is a grip the edge of your seat, nail biting, heart racing film that is at the same time intelligent and thought provoking. The film also featured some new talent like Emerald-Angel Young and Reno Laquintano as well as local talent like Brooke Stacy Mills all of whom I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of, their performance was noteworthy to say the least. Of course the city’s own queen of the film industry Sharon Pinkenson was also in attendance which only added to the excitement of the evening.

All girl… a very busy little one year old “Philadelphia children’s photographer”

Little “M” is a very busy little girl who keeps her Grandma and Mom on their toes every second!  Just as a one year old little girl should, “M” is all over the place, curious and knows exactly what she wants.  Not only is Ms. M starting to speak and walk but she also is learning to use sign language (her favorite being the sign for dog).  I had a great time with this family as I explored a part of the city I never even knew existed.  Enjoy your sneak peak!

The edgy side of Moments Caught Photography… Philadelphia photographer

Although children’s photography is really my passion there is a whole other side to Moments Caught Photography, I like to call it the edgy side… A prime example is the photo’s of gorgeous Ms. “A” shown here. We tried to show both sides of this young woman, and I think we did just that.

Some serious beauty genes in this family… Philadelphia children’s photographer

Ok, this family has 3 gorgeous children and I can’t stop myself from editing the first so clearly there will be several blog posts about this family. This is the middle child and I am not even going to tell you her age because you would never believe me. All I have to say is Daddy better get a guard for the house around his daughters. Here is gorgeous “M” and her equally gorgeous brother and sister are on the way.

off to better myself!!!

Where you ask? I am heading to sunny Florida for a 5 day lighting workshop and I can’t wait!! One of the things I enjoy most is being in the company of my fellow photographers, the creative energy is inspiring and we all learn so much from each other. This should be pretty intense 5:30 am photo shoots followed by classes from 8:30 – 5:30 and then wrapped up with sunset photo shoots and then time in the lab to work on photoshop skills. I can’t wait to try out everything I learn on all of my new spring clients. The office will be closed this week, but I will have access to e-mail (just not a lot of time). As, you know I can not make a blog post without images so I will leave you with 2 that remind me it’s spring. The first is of some new buds blooming on a tree in my backyard (the changing seasons always amazes me). The 2nd image I may get in trouble for, it’s my son shaving for the first time with his Daddy and puppy looking on in the mirror (shhhhh don’t tell him I posted it, he never looks at my blog.

A personal post, my other babies! Philadelphia family photographer

For all you dog lovers out there, I thought I would share my 4 legged babies with you. The bigger one is Reggae and he is 3 yrs. old, the smaller one is Abu or boozer as we call her and she is almost 16 yrs. old.

You would think 5 kids would be chaos, right? Philadelphia family photographer

I was truly amazed to see the dynamics of this family. I assumed that 5 kids would be complete chaos, not the case here. These children… now you might want to sit down for this… they listen. I know amazing huh? They are kind to each other, they are respectful of their parents, they are not selfish, they are loving, warm and just plain terrific! Now, I’m rethinking everything I thought I knew about parenting. I’m kind of thinking that the fact that there are so many options of someone to hang with, the little insults that occur between siblings don’t have quite the same impact they do as when you upset your one and only sibling. So, since the love is spread each child can deal with life’s little ups and downs in a less emotionally charged manner. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it! Oh, I almost forgot this is supposed to be a sneak peak. Please forgive the extra amount of images but with 5 kids it’s impossible not to post a lot.

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