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Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings, especially for this family…. Philadelphia newborn photographer

Spring has always been my favorite season, my kids will tell you I drive them crazy pointing out the daily changes on the trees for at least a full month.  I just love the promise of a new start, a new season and most of all the excitement of a new family.  Of course; with every newborn I photograph I get nostalgic for the time when my own boy’s were first born, and little Max certainly got my maternal feelings stirred.  He is just the cutest little guy and as you can see he is full of personality at only 2 weeks old.  As usual I love to watch, and be a small part of the joy  in the new parents lives.  This new Mommy and Daddy are so clearly floating through the day’s in awe of the perfect miracle they have created.

Enjoy the preview of your special little guy “R” family.


beautiful newborn in the studio…. Philadelphia newborn photographer

I spent a wonderful afternoon with this beautiful family in the studio recently. I’m not sure I have seen 2 brand new parents quite as relaxed as these 2 and baby “C” was certainly feeding off of the positive, loving energy (babies sense tension). Baby “C” was a pure delight and perfectly perfect in every way. Enjoy the preview P family… Oh, and yes I included one where “C” is crying because I think it’s so sweet and after all crying is all a part of having a newborn…

one perfect very little, very beautiful thing to be thankful for today for this family… Philadelphia newborn photographer, moments caught photography

I promised I would give you a little something to oooh and ahhh over with your family at your thanksgiving celebration…. not that little “M” isn’t plenty to go crazy over on her own. Enjoy the mini preview and enjoy your holiday together as a new family!

Beautiful family grows by one… Philadelphia newborn and family photographer

Beauty and brains abound in this family. Such unique and individual personalities so clearly seen in our short time together, it will be interesting to see who this new little one will be. One thing is for sure, he will always be tremendously loved! Enjoy your preview, I loved our time together!

beautiful newborn and big sister… Center City Newborn Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

What a morning we had! Baby S’s big sister not only showed me her room and all her favorite toys, but she gave me jewelry and personal artwork made just for me! I even got to have a little snuggle time with her new baby brother and as you can see we also took some pictures while we had this fabulous play-date! It’s true, my job is as much fun as a play date on steroids!

A beautiful little boy… Philadelphia newborn photographer

As promised a small preview before I leave for this special new family… Enjoy!

3rd times the charm… Philadelphia and Main line newborn photographer, Moments Caught Photography

This little guy is the 3rd child in this family so you no he’s going to be one savvy little dude right from the start. He certainly seemed to confirm my suspicion that 3rd babies are easy (they usually have no other choice but to be easy) this baby was a perfect little model for his session.
Enjoy your preview!

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