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one perfect very little, very beautiful thing to be thankful for today for this family… Philadelphia newborn photographer, moments caught photography

I promised I would give you a little something to oooh and ahhh over with your family at your thanksgiving celebration…. not that little “M” isn’t plenty to go crazy over on her own. Enjoy the mini preview and enjoy your holiday together as a new family!

he’s keeping up just fine … Main line family and child photographer

I had so much fun watching the crazy antics of these 3 adorable children, but trust me sitting still was not a part of our time together. The little guy is keeping up with his 2 big sisters with no problem at all, you can just watch his face as he observes them and you know their is just no way he’s going to miss a beat. Lot’s of love, a ton of beauty, a zest for life… I would say this is one blessed family.

Happy Birthday Grandma!… Philadelphia family photographer

So many wonderful moments between this family, but for now I’m just showing pictures of the star of the show….! This was a birthday present for Grandma and she is going to just love the ones of her first grandson with she and Grandpa, but let’s let those be a surprise for the moment!!

beautiful baby girl for a beautiful couple… Philadelphia newborn photographer

I had such a great time getting to know this new family. The first time “C” called me, she explained that she wanted to surprise her husband with something meaningful to him but it wasn’t something she was quite comfortable with. What came out of that first conversation was a great collaboration between the two of us, and the end result was gorgeous, almost dreamy maternity pictures. I couldn’t wait to meet her husband and of course the new baby Ms. “K”. Interesting doesn’t even do justice to these two worldly and intelligent people who have traveled the globe and continue to do so today with baby “K”. Enjoy your extra large sneak peak, baby “K” is perfect in every way and I loved our time together.

I could play with this guy all day, everyday… Philadelphia family photographer

Ok “M’ family… I promised to try and get your sneak peak posted before the holiday weekend so I’m compromising with myself and giving you what for me is a mini sneak peak just to tide you over. I will give you a full one next week, but hopefully this will carry you through. You know how much I enjoyed our time together, I felt like we all really clicked which makes creating authentic images that truly capture your family that much easier. Enjoy!

Huge blog post for this special family… Main line newborn and family photographer

Ok, full disclosure… Because 26 images in a blog post deserves an explanation!
Not only are they great past clients of mine, and practically my neighbors but the entire extended family have been in my life it seems like forever. New baby “V” has not one but 2 older cousins who have been friends with my younger son since first grade, and I just love the whole family. Another confession, I had never met the father of little “V” because our first session was a surprise for him and to say that he is “totally in love” with his beautiful family would be an understatement. You will notice I have several pictures of him with his newest baby girl because… well I’m a sucker for Dad’s being sweet with their daughters (I’m sure there is some psychological explanation for that somewhere) oh, and I was trying to even the score a little since he wasn’t in any of the pictures from our first session. Last confession and I will get on with the whopping 26 images. I do 99% of my newborn shoots in my studio, but their home brings out all kinds of creativity in me and is well worth the extra work. Ok, on to the pictures… Enjoy your beautiful children and each other “H” family. I look forward to documenting many more happy times for you!

What rain? Best Buddies Friendship walk, was a huge success… Main Line commercial photographer

Ok, admittedly it was hardly a beautiful spring day out there today, but you would never know it to look at the smiling faces. The joy, hope, and positive spirit of everyone who participated in the first annual Best Buddies Friendship walk was truly contagious. Even the weather held off until the event wrapped up, it was just that kind of day. I have said it before…. one of the things that bring me the most fulfillment is to be able to give back to organizations like this. As anyone who gives knows, we do it because it makes us feel so good. I would be lying if I didn’t admit, days like today are purely selfish on my part (the fact that others are helped along the way is icing on an already delicious cake). Thanks Best Buddies for including me, I’m in for life!
ps. (there are about 200 more images on the way).

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