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the baby with a million and one expressions…. Philadelphia baby and children’s photographer

This little cutie had so many expressions I can’t possibly show you them all in this preview. The funniest thing is all of her expressions are almost identical to her gorgeous Mommy’s. I loved the way they interact together as if they forgot about me entirely and were just caught up in each other as you can see in these images. That type of comfort in front of the camera always produces the most real pictures which you know I’m all about! Enjoy this very large preview!

such an expressive little guy… Philadelphia baby photographer

Seriously, this little guy just had me at hello, stole my heart, and any other expression you can think of to do him justice. No more words are needed, just take a look at this face!

long over due, and long sneak peak of one of my all time favorite sessions and family… Philadelphia child and family photographer

I am going to be short on words and long on images, because that is after all what you want. Plus, the blog title really says it all. Enjoy!

Full of personality… Philadelphia baby and child photographer

How will we ever narrow down our choices of Ms. L. There are seriously so many sides to this little ones personality and you can see most of them in this sneak peak. Along with all those sides one characteristic was constant… a true sweetness that was obvious from the start. Also a very loved little girl, between her parents and her doting Aunt this child is surrounded by lots of love. Oh, and who can resist the look of pride on her face when she takes some still tentative steps in front of me!!! Enjoy your large sneak peak…

She truly looks like a porcelain doll… Philadelphia baby photographer

I had heard the expression “porcelain doll” before but never actually witnessed a baby who looked just like one… until now that is! Ms. S. was not only beautiful but we had a blast together. I always enjoy when Mom brings Grandma along, there is nothing quite like 3 generations of woman to get to this photographer. Enjoy your sneak peak, I don’t think we took a single bad picture of this true beauty.

I just love to watch them grow up… Main Line Family Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

It has been one year since I last photographed the “P” family and all 3 of these children are growing up and changing so quickly. What has not changed is how sweet they are and how the two bigger ones look out for and care for their baby sister. It is so sweet to see how they interact with each other, and I look forward to watching them grow up even more in the future.

This little guy wears the pants in this family… Main Line Family Photographer

Well not really, but little Mr. “G” is certainly a headstrong, spirited, independent little guy. He happens to also be a sweetheart who is very loved by his lucky parents. This family was a referral by a great family I photographed last year, and referrals are the best kind of clients! We had a gorgeous morning for our shoot with a hint of fall in the air and on the trees. Little “G” had so much fun spotting all of the changing leaves on the ground.

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