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Have to do it… Moments Caught Photography gets caught up in the KONY 2012 movement… Philadelphia photographer takes action with KONY 2012

I can’t help myself, I admit I’m easily moved. Even more easily moved when my children are the ones who bring something that they care about to my attention as is the case with KONY 2012. We watched the video below as a family, and all felt the same thing… what can we do? You know that frustrating feeling when you care about something so much and for a few minutes think you can be the answer only to a few moments later realize that you have a list a mile long of things that need doing and your just one little person after all. This was different, the call to action was something we all (and especially children) do as easily as breathing these days. Go on facebook, go on twitter, post on your blog, on your tumbler or what ever the next big place to relate to other with happens to be. I can do that… I’m a photographer with 3,000 plus photographer “friends” across the world. I belong to groups, forums, I have clients, family and friends who follow me. No brainer, right? The call to action is simple make this horrific excuse for a man with no respect for human rights let along human beings who chooses to target children; and make him famous. Not famous like Brad Pitt, but famous for his ugliness for his crimes so that we can stop him for good. How… simple, spread the word, spread the video, post away, link to this blog post, link to the next person’s tumbler etc. etc. etc…
KONY 2012

You know… my entire being is wrapped up in loving, appreciating, observing and documenting children. More specifically documenting that rare adoration and connection in families. We all don’t have perfect families, or perfect children, but the universal theme in my work and life is appreciating the small things, knowing what really matters, trying to hold on to these precious fleeting years with our children young and carefree, as well as the hope we invest in our children for their future. This man chooses instead to rob these children and families of even the basic joy of a child going to sleep knowing they are loved. I couldn’t agree with my own children more, we must do something and this time we know what to do… Please watch the video (yes, it’s 30 minutes but well worth it) and spread the word any way you can. That’s all, it’s that easy. “Awareness turns into action”

a beautiful little boy visits the studio…. Philadelphia newborn photographer

After a slew of newborn baby girls, it seems that now it’s time for some little boy’s. It’s so interesting to me that without any props at all, this little guy although very beautiful is “all boy”. Mom and Dad and baby “B” are busy getting to know each other and as you can see they are already totally in love!

can you stand the cuteness… Philadelphia child and family photographer

Seriously…. Mr. M was full of life, adventure and make no mistake he is all rough and tumble little boy already! You can just tell from the start when someone has that something special, that sparkle in the eye that means they find everything to be an adventure and trust me…. that never ends. Enjoy!

I love incorporating important personal items into a newborn session…. Philadelphia newborn photographer

Little “K” may not have wanted to sleep to much at our session, but who could complain when he was so happy. I told his parents he just didn’t want to miss anything and I think that must have been the case. I always tell my newborn clients that I have everything they need in the studio, but to certainly bring anything which holds special significance in your family and I just love when they do. In this case the colorful mobile was made by mom and I believe the items used came from Japan, Grandma made the beautiful quilt with the animals that baby “K” is laying on. So why the beret, paintbrushes, and overall art theme in a few shots…. well Dad is an artist! You can just imagine the fun we had figuring out how to incorporate those items, but first order of business was a sleeping baby (which we got for about 10 minutes, long enough to get those shots safely). Enjoy your sneak peak and that beautiful little boy of yours!

beautiful baby girl for a beautiful couple… Philadelphia newborn photographer

I had such a great time getting to know this new family. The first time “C” called me, she explained that she wanted to surprise her husband with something meaningful to him but it wasn’t something she was quite comfortable with. What came out of that first conversation was a great collaboration between the two of us, and the end result was gorgeous, almost dreamy maternity pictures. I couldn’t wait to meet her husband and of course the new baby Ms. “K”. Interesting doesn’t even do justice to these two worldly and intelligent people who have traveled the globe and continue to do so today with baby “K”. Enjoy your extra large sneak peak, baby “K” is perfect in every way and I loved our time together.

My first 3 month old “newborn session”… Philadelphia baby photographer

Although not technically a “newborn session” at 3 months, we were able to get some of those classic sleeping, tushie shots that I love so much! What was so much fun about this little guy was that we also got to see and capture some different sides of his personality, which if you know me at all you know… I believe is set at birth. Smiles were flowing as “D” enjoyed songs, bubbles and his all time favorite activity…. looking at himself in the mirror! Hey I might do that all day if I was this cute too!

Enjoy your first mother’s day with this cutie…. Main line, Philadelphia baby photographer

As promised… a sneak peak before Mother’s day. Enjoy your first mother’s day with your gorgeous baby girl!

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