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No hurricane this time… Main line family photographer in Longport, NJ

We tried to do this session labor day weekend 2011, but alas a hurricane stood in our way. Everything was in our favor this year, perfect weather, beautiful family and best of all another family I get to watch grow up. Last time I photographed this family the littlest one “Ms. Ava” was just born so it was wonderful to get to know the feisty little fireball she has become. Big sisters Jesse and Talia are still sweet, loving and totally devoted to their baby sister and I would say a bit amused by her antics as well (actually the whole family is clearly charmed and entertained as was I)! Enjoy this large preview, whenever it takes me a while to put up the preview I try to make it up to the family by giving them tons of pictures!

best part of my job is watching them grow… Philadelphia family photographer at the beach

Yes, it’s true one of my favorite parts of being a family photographer is watching little ones grow up. My 2nd favorite thing is getting to meet the rest of the family, in this case all 20 something of them at once. They all gathered in Ventnor NJ to celebrate Pop-Pop’s big birthday so getting a family photo was a natural. Just before the whole group shot, I got to spend some time with the part of the family that brought me there to begin with. It was great to see all of them again and to meet my little helper (big brother).

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I just loved meeting this family… Jersey shore beach photographs

One of my favorite things about being born and raised right here in the Main Line is the fact that at some point it all comes right back around… Would you believe I went to high school with the mother of these 3 gorgeous guys… ok ok I admit she is a little younger than me but just a little! Well I have not seen her since I graduated (I won’t mention how many years ago) and I swear she hasn’t changed a bit. She is still the same sweet, spunky, fun girl she always was only now she is also an incredibly blessed mother and wife. I just loved getting to know not only the wonderful woman she has become but also meeting her terrific husband and gorgeous boys. Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I miss my own boys while they are away at overnight camp, so for me it was a little bit of time spent amongst the antics of gorgeous, dark haired, dark eyed brothers (it felt like home). All three of these guys are going to be major heartbreakers as you can see by the sneak peak!

my favorite age in my favorite place, can’t go wrong… New Jersey Beach family photographer

Another gorgeous family on a gorgeous night in a gorgeous location… and we deserved it!!! Believe it or not it was over a year ago that Mom “S” contacted me to take pictures of her almost one year old. FIrst little “A” fell and had a scraped up face, then we had major rain, then the biggest snow storm of the season (maybe even decade), next we scheduled for spring and then thought we waited this long… lets try for the beach again. Well, our patience paid off big time! We had the most glorious summer night you could ask for and little “A” was in rare form. Mom swears that he is shy, but take a look for yourself and tell me if you see shy in these images! Mom-mom and Pop-pop were there so if you know anything about me and my relationship with my own grandparents I couldn’t pass that opportunity up. The family say’s it wasn’t planned to have the grandparents in the pictures, but they came out a few minutes after I told them to change and get in some pictures and they had perfectly matching outfits on…. you tell me? I was thrilled, and I think they will be too when they see the great images I have of this very happy and lucky family together on a beautiful summer evening!

2 brothers, a beach and no rules…

That was my bribe to these boys as we started our adventurous session. After I got the ok from Mom that yes they could go in the ocean in their adorable outfits, all bets were off. I told the boys we were just going to have fun on the beach and in the ocean, and yes they could go in the ocean at 7 pm. I guess I forgot how fast little boys can run on the beach. Once I caught up with them we got some incredible images that I think really capture the individual spirit of each child and the special bond that only brothers (or a parent of 2 boy’s) can truly understand. Enjoy your sneak peak “R” family I have way to many fun pictures of your gorgeous boy’s for you to see.

Is it really that time again… Beach portraits???

Wow, hard to imagine a gorgeous sunny day at the Jersey shore at the moment.  Today is raining and 52 degrees in Philly, but I just booked my first Beach session this season, in Margate NJ for a weekend in June.  I guess it is upon us after all.  Just a reminder I am available for Beach sessions in Margate, Ventnor, and Longport New Jersey during the summer months.  I will only book a small number of these and they book up fast. If this is on your to do list, book your soon.  Ok, what would a post be without some pictures so to get you in the mood here are a few of my favorites from last summer.  In the spirit of full disclosure some of these are my own kids and the cute dog… he’s mine too!!!

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