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As wonderful as they are gorgeous! … Main line family photographer at the Jersey shore for beach sessions…

my favorite age in my favorite place, can’t go wrong… New Jersey Beach family photographer

Another gorgeous family on a gorgeous night in a gorgeous location… and we deserved it!!! Believe it or not it was over a year ago that Mom “S” contacted me to take pictures of her almost one year old. FIrst little “A” fell and had a scraped up face, then we had major rain, then the biggest snow storm of the season (maybe even decade), next we scheduled for spring and then thought we waited this long… lets try for the beach again. Well, our patience paid off big time! We had the most glorious summer night you could ask for and little “A” was in rare form. Mom swears that he is shy, but take a look for yourself and tell me if you see shy in these images! Mom-mom and Pop-pop were there so if you know anything about me and my relationship with my own grandparents I couldn’t pass that opportunity up. The family say’s it wasn’t planned to have the grandparents in the pictures, but they came out a few minutes after I told them to change and get in some pictures and they had perfectly matching outfits on…. you tell me? I was thrilled, and I think they will be too when they see the great images I have of this very happy and lucky family together on a beautiful summer evening!

New Jersey Beach sessions filling up fast! Jersey shore beach photographer, Moments Caught Photography

Summer has always been my favorite season! Maybe it is a leftover feeling from childhood of school being over, who knows? Everything about summer, from the feeling of the sun on my face (even though at my age I shouldn’t allow it anymore), or the sounds of the ocean before daybreak all evoke feelings of freedom and pure happiness. I love to capture those wonderful feelings in children and families at the beach during the summer months. I love summer at the beach so much, that I wanted my own children to experience it just the way I did as a child right down to a summer house in Margate New Jersey! How lucky for all of my Main Line and Philadelphia clients that I’m already at the beach (no travel fee). I’m still in Philly during the week (no worries) but come the weekends the shore is where I will be working all summer long! Here are a few of my favorites from past summers to get you in the summertime mood. The images pictured below are all from Margate, Ventnor, Longport, and LBI! (oh, and one from the river, where I capture my own kids playing in the water as well as wake boarding and water skiing until dark)

Adorable beach baby… Beach photo sessions by Moments Caught Photography

This little cutie just turned one and just started walking too! She loved the ocean, the sand and especially the seagulls! It was so much fun to watch her enjoy so many firsts.

Hard to believe this was just over a week ago…

Looking outside the last few day’s, it’s hard to even remember summer, but these images are pure summer family fun! What a great family! The twins are just gorgeous as you can see, but what I enjoyed even more was their unique twin connection which you can just feel by watching them. Even though they are twins they are very obviously two completely different individuals each with her own spirit shining through. Then their is Mr. “Q” an obviously wonderful, loving big brother (a job he seems to take very seriously). Mr. “Q” also has a very innate ability to “work it” he came up with fun, cool poses all on his own and he rocked them all! Add all this up with 2 parents who seem very in love and I would say this is one very blessed family.

when the streets of Margate NJ flood, the residents come out to play! Philadelphia family photographer at the beach

I wouldn’t believe it, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Literally within minutes the street floods, and the SUV’s are the only safe vehicles left on the street. All of the neighbors (most of which are summer residents like us) come out on the porch to stare, while the kids (big and small) get out their boogie boards, bikes, or just use their feet. Certainly keeps everyone entertained on a rainy day.

summer fun in LBI… philadelphia family photographer at the beach

One of the coolest thing about my job is watching children grow up who I have known since birth, which is the case with little “ms. s”. I didn’t think it was possible for her eyes to get bigger and bluer but they have. We had this session on the beach in LBI on “the hottest day of the summer” which didn’t stop us at all. This session also has the unique distinction of being the first photo session I have ever showered during… don’t ask? It will all be covered in my book on the dangers of being a professional child and family photographer LOL!

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