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5 boys, need I say more? Philadelphia newborn photographer, Moments Caught Photography

I have a mere 2 boys (if you don’t count my 2 male dogs and my husband).  This family just had their 5th boy, and if it wasn’t enough that Mom doesn’t look like she ever gave birth let alone 10 day’s ago… she is as calm and cool as a teenager with only her finals to occupy her mind..   As always I enjoyed witnessing a new life, but this was even more special as I was able to witness it through the eyes of 4 big brothers each thrilled to have a new brother in their lives!  Enjoy your preview “S” family.

a little christmas beauty visited the studio…. philadelphia family and baby photographer, moments caught photography

When this baby came to me last April, she stole my heart with the a full head of hair and big gorgeous eyes. Now 7 months later, she sure has changed but still has a fabulous head of hair, big gorgeous eyes and stole my heart again. I think I might not be the only one…. I know this will be a very special christmas season for this family, and I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to document this little sweetie as she grows!
Enjoy your preview!

updated pictures for this gorgeous girl… Main Line children’s photographer, Moments Caught Photographer

It’s been quite a few years since I took Ms. A’s picture and she has grown into the beautiful young lady I knew she would.

2 wild and crazy and incredibly cute boys… Main line children’s photographer

It’s second nature for me to be with 2 little guys outside exploring the world together. You know frogs, mud, water, all the necessary ingredients for a wonderful morning.

The passage of time… Main Line family photographer – Moments Caught Photography

I often find myself… going through my own old albums and longing for my children to be little again, usually the next thing I know hrs. have gone by and I have had yet another unproductive day…
Often times I get the pleasure of… photographing someone else’s family through the years; and as I sift through the current images from our latest session I find myself having those same nostalgic feelings.
Once in a while… I am motivated enough to dig through the old hard drives and look back at my clients moments then and now and if I’m really feeling motivated I post them in a section I will now call… “the passage of time” (because I’m trying to be artsy like that).
– a side note: (I sure hope this child never loses her gorgeous eyelashes).

What I love most in these pictures is that the big sister was in love from the moment she set eyes on her baby sis and that love and nurturing is still present and evident in the current images. Now this time I did bear witness to some other emotions between the 2 girls (you know the typical sibling desire’s like the desire to cause bodily pain, the desire to have all of the attention for oneself, & the desire to put that little one right back where she came from etc… ) all normal by the way. What was much more evident was something I suspected would be there from the start. These two will always have a best friend in each other. Take a look at the girls then and now… and if your so inspired take some time to look back through the years at your own children (but try not to lose a whole day in the process).
[caption id="attachment_3776" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="Way back then, the proud big sister...."][/caption][caption id="attachment_3777" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="and now, still envious of those lashes.."][/caption][caption id="attachment_3778" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="so sweet...."][/caption]

my year… Main Line children’s photographer

Just a little end of year reflection of my own family….



Gigantic share for the B family… Philadelphia child and family photographer

It was wonderful to see this family again, and the girls just keep getting more beautiful every day. They came to me in the midst of holiday crunch time and were so patient with my delay in a blog post that I am rewarding them with my biggest blog share to date. Part of the reason is their patience and the other part is that with girls this beautiful it was very hard to narrow things down.

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