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a little powerhouse… Main Line children’s and family photographer

A little powerhouse is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about this young lady.  I have known this family for a long time, but finally had the pleasure to “really” get to know Ms. G and I was kind of blown away to be honest.  She is full of joy, clearly driven, smart as a whip and has so many diverse interests and talents that trying to capture who she is became challenging until I realized that capturing the many sides of G was exactly right.  Enjoy the huge preview, I really had so many favorites that I couldn’t post any less.  (Oh, and good news Mom… the full gallery will be ready on tuesday)!

Traditions, milestones and family… Main Line family photographer

We got together to document a milestone for this beautiful family and ended up having a blast while creating some wonderful images!

Enjoy your preview.

even rain can’t keep this little guy down… Main Line family photographer

As promised here are a few quick preview images to tide you over…

gorgeous family, gorgeous fall day…. how lucky where we… Main Line, PA family photographer, Moments Caught Photography

Mom’s pre-planning months in advance for our photo session certainly paid off, we had a picture perfect fall day (excuse the pun). Unfortunately when I sat down to start editing this session, that famous hurricane “sandy” had hit and I was out of power. To show my appreciation for your patience as I get back to business you are getting an extra large preview of your session. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed getting to know your family. I always find it fascinating to watch different family dynamics based on size of family, ages and sex of each child and of course the individual characteristics that define each family. Your 3 children are each as different as night and day and yet the very strong character that so obviously has been infused by both you and your husband is obvious in each child. Your doing something right, so keep it up.

gorgeous fall family session…. main line family photographer

I will not be wordy because Hurricane Sandy (LOL on the name) is going to knock my power out any moment. I will let these pictures speak for themselves… hopefully they are saying, beauty, love, family, appreciating life, and lots of fun…. all the things I felt radiating from this family!

updated pictures for this gorgeous girl… Main Line children’s photographer, Moments Caught Photographer

It’s been quite a few years since I took Ms. A’s picture and she has grown into the beautiful young lady I knew she would.

Love watching clients grow… Main Line, Philadelphia children’s photographer at the beach!

The first time I took pictures of this family, unbeknownst to me… this big guy pictured playing in the sand and surf was in “mommy’s belly”! I had the chance to meet him as a toddler and now look at him go. Not quite as much has changed with Ms. S (other then her age and size) as she was and is the beautiful, cherished, and feisty little girl you see before you. I do just love watching my clients grow as a family!

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