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This little guy wears the pants in this family… Main Line Family Photographer

Well not really, but little Mr. “G” is certainly a headstrong, spirited, independent little guy. He happens to also be a sweetheart who is very loved by his lucky parents. This family was a referral by a great family I photographed last year, and referrals are the best kind of clients! We had a gorgeous morning for our shoot with a hint of fall in the air and on the trees. Little “G” had so much fun spotting all of the changing leaves on the ground.

My very own! Philadelphia family photographer

I know it’s rare, but this post is from our end of summer vacation in the pocono’s! I had fun experimenting with new lighting techniques, and my kids were actually wiling victims this time.

another one at my favorite age… Philadelphia children’s photographer

so full of adventure, curiosity and joy what a great age! Mr. “J” is no exception to this, but add to that oodles of sweetness and love and that’s what he is…

and now they are complete… Main line family photographer

Not that they weren’t complete before, but I always feel that when that 2nd baby arrives the fun really begins! I have had the pleasure of photographing other members of this family before, so I knew I was in for some major cuteness. Just like her cousin “M” little “L” is all girl and has very clear ideas of what she wants to do and when. We became such good friends that half the time I was playing with her and not taking pictures which is exactly how she wanted it. Ms. “L” also took her role as big sister to her new baby brother very seriously (most of the time) as you will see. I predict a fun filled house for years to come with this bunch.

Giving 18 a good name… Philadelphia family photographer

This young woman gives me hope that my own two might just turn out ok after all. What a together, self confident, unique girl Ms. “N” is. I shouldn’t be surprised with such a cool and loving Mom, but “N” really has it all! She knows just who she is and isn’t about to be anything less. I must also mention the very special relationship between Mother and daughter, I think someone is going to miss her best friend when she goes off to collage in the fall. Oh, and of course how could I forget to mention the dog who holds a very special part in “N”s heart.
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Have I mentioned how much I love this stage! Main Line baby photographer

There is just nothing cuter than the newness of independence on a little ones face. A whole new world has opened up for them, and they have every intention of exploring every inch of it. Ms. “P” was no exception and even took a few wobbly steps for me. The other part of this stage I find amusing is the need to put everything in there mouth and of course Mom’s and Dad’s of first children find this to be a big no-no. I can’t help chuckle a little thinking how different they will react when it is their second child. Ms. “P” is just the cutest little girl, she reminds me of a living doll… see for yourself.

3 seems to be the magic number these day’s! “Main Line Family Photographer, Moments Caught”

So many families of 3 lately, and I just love the dynamics of 3 kids. It really seems to me that their is less competition, and more consideration for each other in a family of 3 children. This certainly was the case with this bunch, I’m not sure I have seen a more well behaved, respectful, kind group of kids in a long time. The love is clearly evident and it shines through in these images as well. Enjoy your sneak peak “K” family.

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