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another one at my favorite age… Philadelphia children’s photographer

so full of adventure, curiosity and joy what a great age! Mr. “J” is no exception to this, but add to that oodles of sweetness and love and that’s what he is…

feisty, fun, and one!!! “philadelphia children’s photographer”

I’ve said it before I think one is my favorite stage.  A very important milestone for you and your little one.  One is when they are no longer a baby but becoming a toddler.  I love how they take such pride in their new found freedom of movement, and their curiosity is contagious.  Little Miss. R is full of spunky curiosity and is quite fearless (well that is of everything but the carousel).  What a cutie you have, enjoy every minute of this wonderful stage.

I feel like a broken record… Main Line baby photographer

Another overdue blog post, just shoot me now!  This little sweetie speaks for herself, she wouldn’t fall asleep for hours but she made up for it in cuteness!

At least 3 times the fun for this family! Main Line family photographer

I’m always amazed at the family dynamics when there are more than 2 kids in a family. I’m sure it is because I come from a family with 2 kids, my husband comes from a family of 2 kids and you guessed it… we have 2 kids! Well, if this family is any indication it looks like 3 times the fun! I love seeing how each child relates not only to each other but to his or her parents and believe me there is a difference. In this family the youngest 2 are boy and girl twins which adds even more excitement to the mix. I saw a very strong bond between the twins obviously, but then add to that the sisterly bond of the oldest girl and the youngest girl and then of course the one and only boy who seemed not only to be Dad’s little guy but clearly adored by all the girls (especially Mom) and you have the makings of one family filled with craziness and lots of love!

So much sweetness! Philadelphia newborn, family photographer

Boy is this Daddy in trouble! He is seriously out numbered in this house, and with all these gorgeous women he is going to have to fight off the boy’s. I’m not too worried the first Ms. A seems to me like she will be able to handle anything that comes her way and I have no doubt that the new little A will follow in her big sister’s footsteps. Check out the gorgeous eyelashes on this family and if you look at the image of all 4 of them you can see where they come from quite clearly. As you can see this was one of those wide awake sessions, but you might also notice that it seemed I was keeping little A from her nap (she just wanted to make sure she didn’t miss out on any of the fun we were having).

Mitzvah Day, every day! Main Line family photographer covers local mitzvah day

To do a “mitzvah” is to do a good deed, to help others just for the sake of helping. Beth David synagogue along with many other local synagogue’s hold an annual mitzvah day every year, and I get the honor of photographing the children hard at work. Now of course the idea is to try to always help others, but having an organized day filled with opportunities always helps. Below you will see some of the children and members hard at work and of course at play.

The edgy side of Moments Caught Photography… Philadelphia photographer

Although children’s photography is really my passion there is a whole other side to Moments Caught Photography, I like to call it the edgy side… A prime example is the photo’s of gorgeous Ms. “A” shown here. We tried to show both sides of this young woman, and I think we did just that.

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