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Introducing the next abercombie models, well not yet…

What a gorgeous family, so glad I didn’t have to ruin my record of only photographing the most beautiful families. The girls seemed to be having a blast running around and exploring one of my favorite spots, but I think I had the most fun of all. Even Dad was a trooper surrounded by all of his girls on a gorgeous fall day. We got so many awesome shots it was very hard for me to pick which of these to post on the blog and I think it’s going to be even harder for you to choose. Enjoy your sneak peak “B” family.

Long overdue for the “H” family

How fun are these guys? A family after my own heart… down to earth, adventurous, real, fun, and a family that truly knows what matters in life (so refreshing). What did we do on this photo shoot you may ask? We went for a hike in the woods, when I told my own boys they both asked if they could come along on this one (I didn’t bring them by the way). We played in some very old ruins complete with signs that said, “do not enter, danger”. We skimmed rocks in the creek, got our shoes and shorts wet, climbed rocks, got nice and dirty and then gave Mommy a big kiss and Daddy a big lick (don’t ask)? I think these images really show the unique spirit this family is filled with.

Nothing better than a well rounded senior…

unless of course he’s also a nice guy! What can I say this kid has it all, athletic, intelligent, good looking, and on top of all that respectful of his incredible Mom. I know I always bring up my own kids in my blog posts, but I couldn’t help thinking about my own son’s during this whole session. I can only hope my boy’s turn out like Mr. “P” and show me the love and respect he show’s his mother. Mrs. mom of Mr. “P” you sure did something right! And now to reward you all for your patience with this sneak peak I am going to reward you with extra images in this post.

2 brothers, a beach and no rules…

That was my bribe to these boys as we started our adventurous session. After I got the ok from Mom that yes they could go in the ocean in their adorable outfits, all bets were off. I told the boys we were just going to have fun on the beach and in the ocean, and yes they could go in the ocean at 7 pm. I guess I forgot how fast little boys can run on the beach. Once I caught up with them we got some incredible images that I think really capture the individual spirit of each child and the special bond that only brothers (or a parent of 2 boy’s) can truly understand. Enjoy your sneak peak “R” family I have way to many fun pictures of your gorgeous boy’s for you to see.

I’m on a roll, catching up on personal posts…

When our kids got home from overnight camp, we took them to the mountains for a week at a lake house. The best part was we could bring our boat and our dogs so everyone was happy. Our day’s were spent on the lake water skiing, wake boarding, surfing, and tubing and our nights were spent around the campfire enjoying s’mores and each other. Now it’s back to the reality of school, work and homework but it’s all good. I’m sharing a few of our family moments from a great week for an inside look at my own kids.

This group gives new meaning to my tag line… “real life captured”

In a good way of course, and I couldn’t help but seeing a little bit of my own kids in each of theirs. What could be better than sweet white dresses on little blue eyed girls in the summer? Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer together! Here is the sneak peak for a very lucky family, enjoy! Oh, and by the way I did manage to get some cute ones with everyone in it! By Sandy Edelstein | Posted in children's photography, current favorite, family celebrations, family photos, Philadelphia attractions | Also tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments (1)

2 sweet little girls + 2 cute canines = a happy family

This family just recently grew by 1 more dog! Like any dog loving family they couldn’t leave the pups out of all the family fun! Bailey seemed like an old pro at posing, but the new baby (baxter) is still learning the ropes. Being a dog lover myself I always encourage clients to bring the furry friends along for the fun. The girls had fun exploring all the secret spots of my favorite location and promised not to give away all of my secrets! Shhhhhhh! Enjoy this sneak peak and I think I will have everything ready for you before your big move “M” family.

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