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So lucky to have each other!!!!

I couldn’t be more jealous of these 3 girls. All I ever wanted growing up was a sister (I have 3 brothers, who I wouldn’t trade for the world… but). These 3 girls are so lucky to have each other and the best part is, I think they realize and appreciate it. Each girl has her own unique spirit which shines through beautifully. Just see for yourself….

I tortured another baby today…

What a sweet little boy “W” is. He was so good, he just kept falling back to sleep every time I disturbed him. I couldn’t wait to get home and see these images, I have tons to go through but wanted to get some on here for you guys right away. Enjoy the sneak peak, and more importantly cherish every moment with your special little guy.

A mother’s dream…

Well, this Mom has done something right? I think I am going to hold her pictures hostage until she shares her secrets on how to raise such a well adjusted guy. Mr. “K” is not only handsome, polite and a great athlete, but check out the hair on that kid. More importantly the love and respect he showed his Mom was great to see and I don’t think it had anything to do with the fact that she took him to see Coldplay the night before. Here is your sneak peak E family, enjoy!!!

2 sweet little girls + 2 cute canines = a happy family

This family just recently grew by 1 more dog! Like any dog loving family they couldn’t leave the pups out of all the family fun! Bailey seemed like an old pro at posing, but the new baby (baxter) is still learning the ropes. Being a dog lover myself I always encourage clients to bring the furry friends along for the fun. The girls had fun exploring all the secret spots of my favorite location and promised not to give away all of my secrets! Shhhhhhh! Enjoy this sneak peak and I think I will have everything ready for you before your big move “M” family.

I couldn’t blog about these little cuties until their Dad got his surprise gift…

I had to be patient and wait to blog these photos because this was a surprise birthday gift for their Daddy. Well Daddy got his gift and loved it, I might add so now I can share with you. This was a fun session for many reasons, I love photographing girlie girls and boy’s who are all boy and that is what this session was all about. We couldn’t keep the little guy still for more than 30 seconds, he was searching for frogs in every corner and the little miss was so cooperative and interested in all the beauty around her. These guys were a pleasure and I look forward to photographing more of this fun family. Here is one of my favorites and a collage of each child we made up for Dad!

A beautiful family is about to grow…

Such a magical time in a families life, and I get to relive that magic every time I photograph a pregnant mom. It’s even more fun when there is already one little one keeping everyone on there toes. It still amazes me how this little life can be inside of someone today and in a few weeks they won’t be able to imagine that there ever was a time he/she (she in this case) didn’t exist. The only thing I enjoy more is the newborn session and I can’t wait to meet this new addition to a already happy family. Here is your sneak peak “K” family.

It’s going to be hard for this family to choose their pictures!

What a cute family as you will see. We met on a hot humid morning, but you would never know it from the energy of these 2 little guys. Being the Mother of 2 boys myself I have a soft spot for this family, my boy’s are much bigger now and the session was so reminiscent of summer day’s when my boys were this little. Enjoy every moment in a blink of an eye yours will be big boy’s too! Here is your sneak peak, I might post a few more than usual because I too am having a hard time picking my favorites.

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