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Out west skiing for spring break… Philadelphia family photographer

So it’s a spring break ritual in our family… just as the flowers start to bloom and the weather turns warm, we head to Utah to freeze and be surrounded by fresh powder (snow). What’s a girl to do? Take pictures of course…

Finally all 3 of these children in one place… Philadelphia family photographrer

What a gorgeous family indeed…

and now for the leader of the pack… Philadelphia children’s photographer

The oldest beauty in this family is Ms. “T” and she is not only gorgeous but a doting big sister who her siblings obviously look up to and adore.

NYC Fashion Week 2009!!!!

I am out of the office this week covering the Mercedes Benz 2009 fashion week in NYC!!! Day 1 has been very exciting, and it’s not finished yet. I will have pictures and stories soon!

In the middle of the holiday crunch…

I must apologize to my blog followers and recent clients, but this is crunch time for most photographers. What does this mean? Basically I am eating, sleeping, and breathing holiday orders, and holiday cards so that everyone has there orders in time. Blog posts have had to take a backseat to orders getting placed in time to ensure holiday arrivals. As you know I am unable to make a blog post without a photo, so here is a personal one. This is my oldest son who performed at world cafe live this past sunday or as I like to call him, “my little rock star”

Introducing the next abercombie models, well not yet…

What a gorgeous family, so glad I didn’t have to ruin my record of only photographing the most beautiful families. The girls seemed to be having a blast running around and exploring one of my favorite spots, but I think I had the most fun of all. Even Dad was a trooper surrounded by all of his girls on a gorgeous fall day. We got so many awesome shots it was very hard for me to pick which of these to post on the blog and I think it’s going to be even harder for you to choose. Enjoy your sneak peak “B” family.

2 sweet little girls + 2 cute canines = a happy family

This family just recently grew by 1 more dog! Like any dog loving family they couldn’t leave the pups out of all the family fun! Bailey seemed like an old pro at posing, but the new baby (baxter) is still learning the ropes. Being a dog lover myself I always encourage clients to bring the furry friends along for the fun. The girls had fun exploring all the secret spots of my favorite location and promised not to give away all of my secrets! Shhhhhhh! Enjoy this sneak peak and I think I will have everything ready for you before your big move “M” family.

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