I have always been obsessed with documenting life through a lens. When my first son was born (14 yrs. ago) I took things a step further and started to really learn how to creatively capture moments. I studied everything I could get my hands on and that was when I started to understand the science of light.

My children's first years were so magical to me, all I ever wanted to be in life was a Mom. I had a hard time believing and trusting that all my dreams had come true. The idea that this time was going by so fast made me want to hang on to every second even tighter. Somehow I felt that if I had a photo of each moment, I could actually freeze time. Well my boy's are 14 and 11 now so obviously I couldn't really freeze time, but when I look back at those photos... I am taken back to those moments again. I can actually hear their giggles, screams and babbles of nonsense. I can smell Johnson's baby shampoo, desitin, and strained carrots. So for me it is the next best thing to actually freezing time (and it really is my only choice). Because of this, I strive to catch those "real moments" that do evoke such memories in all of our senses.

My eyes and heart are trained on the little things others may overlook. Do I take way too many pictures of my own children, you bet I do. Do I take way too many pictures at every family session? You bet I do. Do I have to wade through hundreds of shots to get the ones that will move you to tears? You bet I do. Would I change a thing? Not for anything in the world.

Moments Caught Photography is proud to have been voted #1 Children's photographer in Philadelphia 2010

family milestones… Main Line family photographer

Lot’s of love and laughter in this multi generational family celebration… Enjoy your preview!


5 boys, need I say more? Philadelphia newborn photographer, Moments Caught Photography

I have a mere 2 boys (if you don’t count my 2 male dogs and my husband).  This family just had their 5th boy, and if it wasn’t enough that Mom doesn’t look like she ever gave birth let alone 10 day’s ago… she is as calm and cool as a teenager with only her finals to occupy her mind..   As always I enjoyed witnessing a new life, but this was even more special as I was able to witness it through the eyes of 4 big brothers each thrilled to have a new brother in their lives!  Enjoy your preview “S” family.

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings, especially for this family…. Philadelphia newborn photographer

Spring has always been my favorite season, my kids will tell you I drive them crazy pointing out the daily changes on the trees for at least a full month.  I just love the promise of a new start, a new season and most of all the excitement of a new family.  Of course; with every newborn I photograph I get nostalgic for the time when my own boy’s were first born, and little Max certainly got my maternal feelings stirred.  He is just the cutest little guy and as you can see he is full of personality at only 2 weeks old.  As usual I love to watch, and be a small part of the joy  in the new parents lives.  This new Mommy and Daddy are so clearly floating through the day’s in awe of the perfect miracle they have created.

Enjoy the preview of your special little guy “R” family.


Strength and beauty from the inside out… Main Line portrait photographer, Moments Caught

True strength just like true beauty is more then what you see when looking at someone from the outside, it’s much more then defined muscles or perfect features.  Although this woman clearly has the outside covered, it’s what I uncovered that sets her apart.  Strength of character, belief in oneself, the desire to help others, to motivate, to lead by example and all done without the need for accolades or attention (in fact she would rather have none).  I am honored that she trusted me enough to capture this side of her, and feel anyone who can call her a friend or family is very lucky.


New Headshots for this beautiful lady… Philadelphia headshots, moments caught photography

Ms. K visited the studio lately to get some updated headshots for her new life out west.  We bonded immediately as I’m sure she does easily with everyone she meets.  Shooting K was very easy, as I’m sure you can see by the pictures, her personality shines right through.  Enjoy your preview!


wow… 13 year old finally gets his newborn photo’s taken


This article went viral, and no this has nothing to do with me other then the fact that it’s about photography and sort of newborn photography.
I think it’s hysterical and I’m sure most of my clients will stick with my suggestion of under 2 weeks for the newborn session, but hey… you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.




What an honor… Featured on Help Portrait

Help Portrait, Philadelphia
Story of the Day: The Chosen 300 Location in Philadelphia
Jason and Sandy Edelstein, Chosen 300 Location, Philadelphia, USA:

The 300 Location was one of 7 Help-Portrait locations in Philadelphia. Around 20 volunteers helped provide photographs for 128 people. What was so special about this event was that we really brought the next generation of charitable photographers along.

My son Jason has grown up with a camera in his hand and face (literally as I’m a Philly based photographer). He had 3 of his friends, who are all very interested in photography as well as being very charitable kids used to giving back every opportunity they have, come along with us to this year’s Help- Portrait. It was incredible to see four 16 & 17 year-old kids completely blown away by how great it felt to do something for someone else. Teenagers are typically portrayed as selfish but these kids truly got it, and I do believe the experience changed each of them.

We have decided as a group to go back to the shelter as often as possible and volunteer to deliver dinners to the people of the shelter. Just another way Help Portrait is impacting people, but in this case it’s the next generation and that in my opinion is where real change can happen, they are after all our future.

This week Jason brought up a good point, and one I hadn’t thought about before. He said, ” what’s so incredible about Help-Portrait is that you get to see immediately how you have impacted someone else’s life. With other charity and volunteer efforts you might never get the chance to see how your time, money, or efforts impacted someone. With Help-Portrait the reward is instant. The second you show them their picture, you see their eyes light up, and you can tell that they now feel valued and important. You know right away that you have impacted someone’s life for the better.”

Pictured here are Jason and his three friends:

In addition to helping out, Jason also did the filming, audio, and editing for this video. Please take the time to watch the video and hear some of the other ways this Help-Portrait event has impacted our community.
click here to see the video ➙: Help Portrait, Philadelphia

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