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a baby photographer’s dream, newborn twin girls and a beautiful big sister…. Main Line Newborn Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

A mere 2 years ago, I took big sisters newborn pictures

and now this family has been doubly blessed with identical twin girls!!!!  

There is no question this Daddy is going to be in trouble with these 3 beautiful ladies in about 12 years… It was so much fun to see how Ms. “I” has grown into the feisty and full of life little powerhouse she clearly is.  These newborn’s are in very competent and loving hands with big sister in charge.  Enjoy your preview “D” family, I loved spending time with your growing family again.

beautiful newborn in the studio…. Philadelphia newborn photographer

I spent a wonderful afternoon with this beautiful family in the studio recently. I’m not sure I have seen 2 brand new parents quite as relaxed as these 2 and baby “C” was certainly feeding off of the positive, loving energy (babies sense tension). Baby “C” was a pure delight and perfectly perfect in every way. Enjoy the preview P family… Oh, and yes I included one where “C” is crying because I think it’s so sweet and after all crying is all a part of having a newborn…

beautiful newborn and big sister… Center City Newborn Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

What a morning we had! Baby S’s big sister not only showed me her room and all her favorite toys, but she gave me jewelry and personal artwork made just for me! I even got to have a little snuggle time with her new baby brother and as you can see we also took some pictures while we had this fabulous play-date! It’s true, my job is as much fun as a play date on steroids!

and the award for the most hair in a newborn goes to…. Main Line, Philadelphia newborn photographer

No contest, I have never seen a newborn with as much beautiful hair as little Addison (not even my own son, who held the record before now). Addison has as much personality as she has hair as you will see with the wide range of expressions she shows in her newborn photo’s. Her parents are clearly in love with each other and their new baby and I wish them a lifetime of happiness as a new family!

The spring baby boom begins… Main Line, Philadelphia newborn photographer… Moments Caught Phototgraphy

Not exactly sure what was going on 9-11 months ago around these parts, but I have never seen more newborns come through my studio or about to anyway. This little sweetie was a few weeks past my usual 2 week suggestion for newborn sessions which is why you will see plenty of open eyes. I always say it’s a trade off, we don’t get quite as many of the sleepy shots and of course have to be extra careful in certain poses since they are already more mobile then in the first two weeks. What we do get is personality, expressions and a little bit more adjusted new Mommy and Daddy.

New product announcement… Main line and Philadelphia family photographer

Moments Caught Photography is thrilled to now offer something so unique, so gorgeous you have to see it for yourself (preferably hanging in your own home). This new offering is actually a favorite portrait from our session which then has several layers of artistically applied organic beeswax as well as oil paint applied to give the image a painterly quality. The entire portrait is created on a piece of wood to enhance the natural look. This enhances the image and creates a real work of art. The texture is incredible, dimension is added and it has a completely natural and rustic yet distinctively high end look that will enhance your decor. Here are some sample images I took of this gorgeous new item.

a beautiful Valentine themed announcement for this baby girl… Philadelphia newborn photographer

This new family wanted to play up the season and specifically Valentines Day. After all, they have never been more in love with anyone in their life. Look how sweet Ms. A’s Valentine announcement came out… when I say custom, I really mean custom.

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