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wow… 13 year old finally gets his newborn photo’s taken


This article went viral, and no this has nothing to do with me other then the fact that it’s about photography and sort of newborn photography.
I think it’s hysterical and I’m sure most of my clients will stick with my suggestion of under 2 weeks for the newborn session, but hey… you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.



What an honor… Featured on Help Portrait

Help Portrait, Philadelphia
Story of the Day: The Chosen 300 Location in Philadelphia
Jason and Sandy Edelstein, Chosen 300 Location, Philadelphia, USA:

The 300 Location was one of 7 Help-Portrait locations in Philadelphia. Around 20 volunteers helped provide photographs for 128 people. What was so special about this event was that we really brought the next generation of charitable photographers along.

My son Jason has grown up with a camera in his hand and face (literally as I’m a Philly based photographer). He had 3 of his friends, who are all very interested in photography as well as being very charitable kids used to giving back every opportunity they have, come along with us to this year’s Help- Portrait. It was incredible to see four 16 & 17 year-old kids completely blown away by how great it felt to do something for someone else. Teenagers are typically portrayed as selfish but these kids truly got it, and I do believe the experience changed each of them.

We have decided as a group to go back to the shelter as often as possible and volunteer to deliver dinners to the people of the shelter. Just another way Help Portrait is impacting people, but in this case it’s the next generation and that in my opinion is where real change can happen, they are after all our future.

This week Jason brought up a good point, and one I hadn’t thought about before. He said, ” what’s so incredible about Help-Portrait is that you get to see immediately how you have impacted someone else’s life. With other charity and volunteer efforts you might never get the chance to see how your time, money, or efforts impacted someone. With Help-Portrait the reward is instant. The second you show them their picture, you see their eyes light up, and you can tell that they now feel valued and important. You know right away that you have impacted someone’s life for the better.”

Pictured here are Jason and his three friends:

In addition to helping out, Jason also did the filming, audio, and editing for this video. Please take the time to watch the video and hear some of the other ways this Help-Portrait event has impacted our community.
click here to see the video ➙: Help Portrait, Philadelphia

beautiful newborn in the studio…. Philadelphia newborn photographer

I spent a wonderful afternoon with this beautiful family in the studio recently. I’m not sure I have seen 2 brand new parents quite as relaxed as these 2 and baby “C” was certainly feeding off of the positive, loving energy (babies sense tension). Baby “C” was a pure delight and perfectly perfect in every way. Enjoy the preview P family… Oh, and yes I included one where “C” is crying because I think it’s so sweet and after all crying is all a part of having a newborn…

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