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my most favorite author has a new book coming out…. Katrina Kenison, magical journey

There is nobody and nothing I would recommend on my blog unless I felt incredibly passionate about it and that is how I feel about this author. Katrina Kenison is somehow magically in my head, she speaks what I feel in a much more eloquent way of course. The first time I came across her work was in the form of a viral youtube video about her book “the gift of an ordinary day”. I was in tears instantly and while watching it my head was nodding as much as the tears were flowing. I of course hit buy as quickly as possible on the book link…

and then was finding myself thinking about the book constantly while watching my own children grow up, you see the book is about appreciating all the little things that make up being a mother and the realization that this time is fleeting. Katrina has 2 boy’s just like me, only she is a few steps ahead of me time wise. I look to her for guidance on how to deal with all the perfectly normal feelings a mother who loves fiercely has as she watches her children grow up and away from her. Her blog has been something I wait for and is always a source of inspiration and acknowledgment that if I’m not normal at least I’m not alone. She has a steady loyal following of like minded women, all somewhat spiritual and certainly more aware of themselves then most people ever will be. The best news is…. she has a new book and I can’t wait to get my heart into it. I have already pre-ordered it and just wish there was a way I would have it in time for my Christmas vacation on the beaches of mexico (but it does’t come out until January 8th).

This one I believe is about the next steps in her journey, her children are now out of the house (one in college and one just finished college). I believe it’s about her self discovery as a woman without small children, about finding her voice again (not that she ever lost it) and about coming to terms with the inevitable passage of time. I’m pretty confident that any woman/mother who has felt that having children and being a mother is a role she would like to freeze, any woman scared of life without what has defined her for so long will not be able to put this book down. Here is the link and I would strongly suggest you hit buy and get a box of tissues and maybe some chocolate. ps. katrina would most likely curl up in an antique chair on the porch of her mountain home surrounded by nature with a cup of tea… I will not, but hey a girl can dream.

one perfect very little, very beautiful thing to be thankful for today for this family… Philadelphia newborn photographer, moments caught photography

I promised I would give you a little something to oooh and ahhh over with your family at your thanksgiving celebration…. not that little “M” isn’t plenty to go crazy over on her own. Enjoy the mini preview and enjoy your holiday together as a new family!

a little christmas beauty visited the studio…. philadelphia family and baby photographer, moments caught photography

When this baby came to me last April, she stole my heart with the a full head of hair and big gorgeous eyes. Now 7 months later, she sure has changed but still has a fabulous head of hair, big gorgeous eyes and stole my heart again. I think I might not be the only one…. I know this will be a very special christmas season for this family, and I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to document this little sweetie as she grows!
Enjoy your preview!

gorgeous family, gorgeous fall day…. how lucky where we… Main Line, PA family photographer, Moments Caught Photography

Mom’s pre-planning months in advance for our photo session certainly paid off, we had a picture perfect fall day (excuse the pun). Unfortunately when I sat down to start editing this session, that famous hurricane “sandy” had hit and I was out of power. To show my appreciation for your patience as I get back to business you are getting an extra large preview of your session. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed getting to know your family. I always find it fascinating to watch different family dynamics based on size of family, ages and sex of each child and of course the individual characteristics that define each family. Your 3 children are each as different as night and day and yet the very strong character that so obviously has been infused by both you and your husband is obvious in each child. Your doing something right, so keep it up.

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