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No hurricane this time… Main line family photographer in Longport, NJ

We tried to do this session labor day weekend 2011, but alas a hurricane stood in our way. Everything was in our favor this year, perfect weather, beautiful family and best of all another family I get to watch grow up. Last time I photographed this family the littlest one “Ms. Ava” was just born so it was wonderful to get to know the feisty little fireball she has become. Big sisters Jesse and Talia are still sweet, loving and totally devoted to their baby sister and I would say a bit amused by her antics as well (actually the whole family is clearly charmed and entertained as was I)! Enjoy this large preview, whenever it takes me a while to put up the preview I try to make it up to the family by giving them tons of pictures!

beautiful newborn and big sister… Center City Newborn Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

What a morning we had! Baby S’s big sister not only showed me her room and all her favorite toys, but she gave me jewelry and personal artwork made just for me! I even got to have a little snuggle time with her new baby brother and as you can see we also took some pictures while we had this fabulous play-date! It’s true, my job is as much fun as a play date on steroids!

growing up so beautifully…. Main Line Senior Portrait Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

I have known this young lady since she and my oldest were in pre-school (well pre-pre school actually, the kind were the Mom’s come along) together. It’s just incredible to witness the growth of such an incredible young woman, although I really should not be surprised at all. “R” was a determined individual from the very start, and never one to be anything less then authentically herself. It was an honor to take her senior pictures and I look forward to sharing more milestones with this family!

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