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another gorgeous high school senior… Main Line senior portrait artist, Moments Caught Photography

Such a together, intelligent, beautiful and sweet senior girl graduating from The Agnes Irwin school 2013! Loved getting to know both “A” and her lovely Mom!

As gorgeous on the inside as the outside… Main Line Senior Portrait Artist, Moments Caught Photography

Hard to believe, but true. With this beautiful young woman what you see is what you get. I’m proud of her and she’s not mine! We decided to do A’s senior pictures at the beach since summers at the shore are one of her favorite things! Enjoy the preview, and good luck with senior year! Oh, I almost forgot… the other gorgeous girl in one of A’s pictures is her cousin who came along for moral support and was a huge help with lighting and inducing uncontrollable laughter!

How quickly time passes… Main Line, Philadelphia, Shipley senior photo’s… Moments Caught Photography

I can’t believe how quickly time goes by. It feels like yesterday I was doing a family session in this very same spot, and now I’m doing senior portraits. Well she may be a few years older, but she is still the same sweet, smart beautiful girl as before. I can’t wait to see what is in store for her, I have a feeling she is going to do great things!

It’s all about trust… Main Line, Philadelphia portrait and yoga photographer, Moments Caught Photography

Funny title for head shots and commercial pictures of a local yoga instructor, right? Not really, at least not as I see it. The beautiful, strong woman you see in these images trusted herself enough to push past her comfort zone and take something she loved to the next level in her 40′s. She believed in herself enough to become more, to help others and to bring more fulfillment into her life by becoming a certified yoga instructor and opening her own business. Trust also played a huge part in my being able to help her to create these images, because in order to make a photograph like this it takes way more then my understanding light and having a nice camera. It takes… you guessed it, Trust. She trusted me enough to let me truly see her, herself enough to know she was enough, and I was open enough, caring enough and in tune with her enough to go beyond a mere picture. To me this is what photography is really about, this is where the magic happens and after all isn’t that really what life is all about?

Love watching clients grow… Main Line, Philadelphia children’s photographer at the beach!

The first time I took pictures of this family, unbeknownst to me… this big guy pictured playing in the sand and surf was in “mommy’s belly”! I had the chance to meet him as a toddler and now look at him go. Not quite as much has changed with Ms. S (other then her age and size) as she was and is the beautiful, cherished, and feisty little girl you see before you. I do just love watching my clients grow as a family!

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