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the baby with a million and one expressions…. Philadelphia baby and children’s photographer

This little cutie had so many expressions I can’t possibly show you them all in this preview. The funniest thing is all of her expressions are almost identical to her gorgeous Mommy’s. I loved the way they interact together as if they forgot about me entirely and were just caught up in each other as you can see in these images. That type of comfort in front of the camera always produces the most real pictures which you know I’m all about! Enjoy this very large preview!

2 wild and crazy and incredibly cute boys… Main line children’s photographer

It’s second nature for me to be with 2 little guys outside exploring the world together. You know frogs, mud, water, all the necessary ingredients for a wonderful morning.

Quick sneak peak before the holiday weekend, Philadelphia children’s photographer

This is a quick mini preview post, because it would just be cruel to keep this Mom waiting until tuesday and I’m heading to the shore. More coming next week, but hopefully this will tide you over until then…. Enjoy those beautiful, feisty and fun boys over the long weekend… I know you will be kept on your toes.

One of the most rewarding things I do with my photography… Moments Caught Photography shoots Komen Race for the cure

This was my 8th year shooting the Philadelphia Susan G. Komen Race for the cure and every year it gets better and more rewarding. This year they added something new “Kids for the Cure” you know I was in heaven since taking pictures of children is really my true calling. Capturing the children’s pride in helping with something so important and their joy in just being outside with so much going on is second nature to me. I’m not sure I can even put into words what the experience is like for me but I will try.

My favorite moments are always on the stairs of the art museum with all of the survivors as they are getting ready to walk arm in arm in the “parade of pink”. After 8 years; I have developed real friendships with many of these incredible survivors. I know their stories, I know their families and year after year when we see each other on those steps it’s an affirmation of everything unspoken. We just about run into each others arms with a big heart felt hug and more often then not tears start flowing. The knowledge that another year has passed and they are still here is not lost on any of us. These women are still fighting for their life, still beating this terrible disease and still living every moment with a new kind of appreciation.

Who am I? Just the photographer who try’s to capture what they are feeling, their vulnerability,their strength, their hopes and their fears. I’m also a women with family members who have also fought cancer and I’m all too aware that I am not immune. Aware that in my own lifetime, myself or someone dear to me will have to face what they have. These women stand for strength, courage and beauty to me and hopefully they see in my eyes the respect, admiration and genuine caring I have for each of them. I’m a mother myself and on mothers day rather then sleep in and spend the time with my own children… well truly their is nowhere I would rather be then with all of these survivors who inspire me daily. I only hope that if my feelings aren’t shown in the tears in my eyes as they descend the steps or in the exchange between us as we meet again year after year; that somehow they are shown in the images I take.

all grown up, but still their baby… Philadelphia family photographer, Moments Caught Photography

I would like to think my specialty is capturing family relationships, so when this Dad called wanting to give his wife a photo session with their grown daughter I knew they must have a special relationship and I was correct. In this case Daddy’s little girl is all grown up and even married (a year this June) so of course it was a natural for this session to include the whole family. The bond between Mother and daughter was easy to capture and actually the whole family seems blessed to be so close and truly enjoy each other. Next session maybe we will be lucky and have a grand baby to photograph!!!

Someone is going to be a great big brother…. Main line children’s photographer

Not only will Dean be a terrific big brother but he might just be the cutest big brother around… especially with those gorgeous big blue eyes! I loved watching this little guy explore every corner during our session but the funniest (which was also a first for me) was when he decided that he was thirsty and just brought his little mouth right down to the faucet to take matters into his own hands (well mouth actually). This little guy is all boy, curious, feisty and absolutely adorable. I can’t wait to meet the new baby soon!

One lucky little lady… Philadelphia newborn and family photographer, Moments Caught Photography

I loved getting to know this new family, and can say with confidence that this little lady is truly blessed. With parents so obviously in love with each other and their new baby, and a wonderful support system this baby will have everything she could ever need. Looking very forward to watching this family grow over the years.
Enjoy your sneak peak “B” family!

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