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as different as night and day… Main Line family and child photographer

Lot’s of testosterone in this family… LOL
Three boy’s and each as different from each other as night and day. One of the most interesting things about my job is getting to know the people my friends children turn into. In this family I see the jokester/comedian in the oldest, who by the way knows exactly how to play his mother and most likely the whole family. The responsible one, who takes care of everyone, who is bright and compassionate with a heart of gold (sorry to embarrass you, I know that’s not necessarily how you want to be described now but trust me someday you’ll own it). Last but certainly not least the little man, who I think is truly an old soul… a boy who is wise beyond his years but with a touch of a little devil in there too. Oh, lets not forget the trusted family dog… truly man’s best friends in this case. Of course there is Mom, who is not just adored by all of her little Men but clearly respected hmmmm…. kind of like she is with everyone. It was a pleasure getting this glimpse into this special family’s dynamics, your all very lucky in my eyes.

Another gorgeous fall family shoot, with the dogs of course…. Main Line, Philadelphia family photographer

The fall may have started out with more wet day’s than dry, but we lucked out on this gorgeous day! When this Mom told me she would like to bring her 2 dogs along, I was hoping for the best (sometimes 2 dogs can get a little out of control, I know as the mother of 2 dogs myself). In this case I had nothing to worry about the dogs were perfectly behaved and the love between the dogs and “Ms. J” was so evident I was thrilled to be able to capture that as well! It took “Ms. J” exactly 10 minutes to warm up, but once she did she was 100% on as you can see in the pictures; while still being the very genuine, sweet young lady that she obviously is.

This family has grown by one furry friend… Main line family and child photographer

This is another family I have the honor to watch grow up, and in this case they have even added a new member to the family. I must say they lucked out and got a dog who fits in perfectly with their crazy, energetic, lifestyle (this is no lap dog). The boy’s are totally in love with their new best buddy and I think the feeling is mutual!

gorgeous fall day, gorgeous family and gorgeous farm…. what could go wrong? Philadelphia family and child photographer

Well besides the family dog stealing the babies pacifier you mean? No, actually that was a very funny moment in an incredibly fun session. I just love how relaxed Mom’s are by the 3rd baby, put the baby on a wood crate under a horse sure why not! Big brother and sister as you can see are thrilled with the latest addition on the farm and I think the little guy will fit right into the non stop fun this family is about!

can you stand the cuteness… Philadelphia child and family photographer

Seriously…. Mr. M was full of life, adventure and make no mistake he is all rough and tumble little boy already! You can just tell from the start when someone has that something special, that sparkle in the eye that means they find everything to be an adventure and trust me…. that never ends. Enjoy!

Never could have imagined this at 16… Main Line family and child photographer

Seriously imagine 2 teenage girls back in the 80′s (inseparable as only teenage girls can be), telling each other everything and dreaming about their future. Of course their future was perfectly clear to one of them (me). I would be the new Oprah, be married to a very tall, dark, mysterious, bad boy turned successful adoring husband and have 2 children a boy and a girl. My best friend was not quite as sure about her future, but knew (hoped) it would include marriage to a wonderful man who would make her laugh and be madly in love with her (all came true by the way). She too would have a boy and a girl, and she wasn’t too concerned with what her career of choice might be. Of one thing we were both perfectly clear…. our daughters (born within 6 months of each other of course) would grow up to be best friends just like us.

Well flash forward some 29 years later and… I’m not Oprah, but I can’t imagine being happier with my career choice. I did marry a dark, mysterious, bad boy turned successful adoring husband (but let’s not discuss the tall part), and I did have 2 children, the first within the same year as my BFF’s first born but they were both boy’s (believe it or not they are best friends, kind of nauseating huh)? We both had our second children a few years later but mine came out another beautiful boy (who I wouldn’t trade for the world mind you) and she did have her girl. Needless to say they are not BFF’s, but are now at 13 finally able to acknowledge each other on the school bus from time to time. Yes, you read that right… my BFF and I live 1 mile from each other now, so close that the kids are on the same school bus.

This is all my long winded (but entirely necessary in my opinion) way of telling you that I had a moment last week that my BFF and I couldn’t have ever imagined in all of those late night, soul searching, over analyzing talks. I photographed her 13 year old daughter, while Karen sat back and watched the whole thing with a smile on her face and a tear in her eye. Now anyone who knows me, knows that when I photograph someone I am looking into their soul, and really seeing them; it’s the way I connect and imperative for me to get the kind of images I do. I guess you could say I’m still soul searching and over analyzing just instead of laying next to my BFF late at night I’m doing it with a camera in hand (pretty cool to realize that right here and now while writing this). This was supposed to be a gift for Rachel for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah, but I think that the real gift was given to Karen and I. For me the gift of really seeing the beautiful person her daughter is both inside and out and the wonderful trusting relationship they have together as mother and daughter. For Karen to see her daughter through my loving eyes and to know that no matter how our lives may change I still know her like nobody else can (sorry Morrie). For both of us the gift was to take a moment and realize that all of the important childhood dreams we had, have come true including the most important one of all… that we will always be 16 year old BFF”s when we are together. I love you both, and thank you for the opportunity to see that so clearly. Now enjoy your extra big (23 pictures) sneak peak…. she is my BFF after all, of course there are perks.

I love incorporating important personal items into a newborn session…. Philadelphia newborn photographer

Little “K” may not have wanted to sleep to much at our session, but who could complain when he was so happy. I told his parents he just didn’t want to miss anything and I think that must have been the case. I always tell my newborn clients that I have everything they need in the studio, but to certainly bring anything which holds special significance in your family and I just love when they do. In this case the colorful mobile was made by mom and I believe the items used came from Japan, Grandma made the beautiful quilt with the animals that baby “K” is laying on. So why the beret, paintbrushes, and overall art theme in a few shots…. well Dad is an artist! You can just imagine the fun we had figuring out how to incorporate those items, but first order of business was a sleeping baby (which we got for about 10 minutes, long enough to get those shots safely). Enjoy your sneak peak and that beautiful little boy of yours!

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