Monthly Archives: February 2011

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a little bit of pink this time of the year… Main line family photographer

a little break from our regular scheduled program to bring you a hint of spring around the corner.   It’s so important to keep growing as an artist and push beyond our comfort zone.  My comfort zone, is families, children and newborns galore… landscape, flowers, and architecture images are not.  In the interest of pushing myself and growing creatively I sometimes need to stray and create beauty with a subject that is not breathing and can’t talk back… hence the pink flowers shown here.  Since it reminds me that spring is around the corner, I thought I would share it with you too.

And for the M, T, R and B families your sneak peaks will all be up very soon!!!

Seeing with your heart… Main line children’s photographer

Close your eyes… put down the camera.  It’s not about looking through the lens, but rather about feeling, being present in the moment, and truly seeing with your heart.     Sandy Edelstein

Oh and yes,  I have been away on a much needed vacation… back, relaxed, rejuvenated, appreciative, and ready to put my heart to work doing what I love most!

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