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An honor… Main line family photographer

Truly, it was an honor to help capture this mother and daughter!  Not just because “mom” is a talented photographer herself, but because this is what life is all about.  These types of sessions are why I do what I do, and to have two such beautiful people both inside and out to work with makes it that much more rewarding.  I loved getting to know both of you, and look forward to spending more time together.  Enjoy your very, very, very large sneak peak!

a very expressive little one… Philadelphia newborn photographer

Well, he was the first newborn of 2011 that I got to photograph and what a cutie he is!  Full of expressions, not a tremendous amount of sleeping but a happy easy going guy he is.  Enjoy your sneak peak!

We speak through images… A mothers love

He is a teenager now, no longer enthralled with me, no longer wishing to be like me, no longer excited that he looks like me, and shares my very essence….

Nothing has changed for me, and yet everything has.  Everything about him speaks to my soul… until he opens his mouth that is.

Now, we speak through images…   when I focus the lens on him, he is back, he lets go of the facade and allows me in…

I have no words to explain this bond, and so I take pictures in the hopes that he will see and allow himself to feel this unconditional mothers love and acceptance.

I have no words to explain how he makes me wish I could freeze time so that I may keep him right here next to me for eternity and even go backwards if possible.

There really are no words that do justice to a mothers love, and so I raise my camera to my heart and hope that it is spoken through images.

“Seeing with your heart”… Philadelphia portrait photographer

Aside from it being winter (I hate the cold), I love the idea of a New Year!  A clean slate, anything is possible, and of course tackling those resolutions.  One of my resolutions (one of many I might add) is to blog more about my creative inspiration as well as my struggle to balance it all.  To express somehow that nagging need for more in regards to my artistic expression. When I wasn’t photographing for others, it was always my vision, my voice if you will that I was listening to when pressing the shutter.  All of that changes when you are taking pictures for someone else, and it is so hard to remember that they chose you for you.  As a photographer who specialize in families and children, I know that my clients do want that perfect smiling face looking directly at the camera and yet that is not what my inner voice is always seeing as the best expression of that individual.  I have been so lucky to have so many clients who do love the images that speak to me, but I still feel that need to create what others want and not what I want.  One of my goals is to make time for personal shooting, personal projects so that I am able to get that need met on my own.

A few other goals/resolutions that I have are…

- of course to be more organized tops the list every year

- make more time for friends and family both old and new

- not take on more than I can handle which goes along with learning how to say no

- being more present with my kids

- feeding my creative needs (see above)

- and I must take note of the fact that for the first time in my life, loosing weight is not on the list!  Not because I suddenly don’t have that struggle anymore, but because it has lost it’s importance!  Now being healthy, fit and strong are still priorities but I can honestly say that at 44 I finally no longer feel defined by my body!!!   How liberating that is!  I think feeling success as an artist, and Mother has helped me to put the size of  ”my ass” in perspective!!!!!  Lets see how long that feeling lasts?

For today I leave you with a quote that exemplifies to me how I like to photograph people!

The importance of being human. About closing your eyes. It’s not about seeing with a camera; it’s about feeling as a human being, and seeing with your heart.

Marcus Yam

and of course no post is complete without pictures, so here are a few from our Christmas vacation in Vail Colorado…

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