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I’m starting to understand… Main Line family photographer

Got your attention, huh?  Ok, I’ll finish the thought.  I’m starting to understand, why my husband always say’s ” I’m glad we have boy’s”.  I think this must be my 5th set this fall of all girls and all gorgeous!  Besides this Dad being totally outnumbered (even the dog is a girl), he has 3 beautiful daughters who are clearly a lot more than pretty faces and a beautiful wife as well.  I’m sure this Dad is going to have his hands full keeping the boy’s away any day now…

I always wanted sisters… Main Line family photographer

When I got the call from one of the sisters and she asked if I would take their picture even though they were no longer children, my immediate reaction was YES!  First of all I already knew one of the women from a family session with her little one years ago.  More importantly, although my specialty is children my real focus is capturing  the connections between family members and you really can’t put an age on that… now can you?  This session was specifically for a gift for their Dad for a special birthday, but I think these girls are going to treasure having some images of the 3 of them all grown up and gorgeous!  As I watched the 3 girls/women interact I couldn’t help but think once again about how much I always wished I had a sister.  Now… just in case my sister in-law and very best friend in the whole world is reading this…don’t feel badly, you know how much I love  you and how grateful I am for our relationship

another beautiful boy joins this family… Main line newborn photographer

A second boy, it was like deja vu for me with my own 2 boy’s.  Big brother is already taking his very important role very seriously and is as loving and protective as you would expect.  Things will never be quiet again in this household, and I speak from experience!

truly loving siblings… Main line family photographer

I think that is what struck me most about this family.  With a perfect 2 boy’s and 2 girls who could ask for more?  I think they got quite a bit more, these children are all so incredible with each other it’s wonderful to observe.  The older ones watch over their younger siblings and the younger ones look up to the big ones and watch their every move with fascination!   You would think that 4 little kids would be complete chaos but with this bunch it’s more like complete joy!

Just a ridiculous amount of beauty… Main Line family photographer

I try  to be witty, I try to be real, I try to say something that shows that I really “get” my clients, but when I look over the images I chose to show on this sneak peak only one thing comes to mind….   “Just a ridiculous amount of beauty”!  I mean seriously, I pity the Daddy and Husband of these girls.  I happen to know that they are more than just pretty faces.  I know first hand how sweet “mom” is and now I even know she can play a mean game of duck duck goose (although I did beat her), it’s quite clear within the first 5 minutes how feisty the littlest one is, and the oldest takes her role as oldest very seriously.  The intellect of the 2nd oldest shows through her eyes when she looks right through you, and next to youngest knows just how to work the camera and a whole lot more already.  Even knowing all of this, when I look at these images I just shake my head and think… this is just a ridiculous amount of beauty in one family!

it’s a baby boom, and I love it! Philadelphia newborn photographer

Newborns are just so much fun to photograph, this little (or not really so little) guy was already past my usual 2 weeks of age for newborn shoots but was just perfect.  He gave me big blue gorgeous eyes (just look at his parents eyes if you want to know where he got those), a few smiles and then he even slept like a “baby” for me.

Can’t ask for more than that from a newborn session…

way too much cuteness to stand… main line children’s photographer

Trust me, this is a scaled down version of how many images I wanted to post.  I just couldn’t narrow it down any further than this so be for warned… their is just way to much cuteness to stand!

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