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Worth the wait… Main Line family photographer

A long over due session… Mom and I had spoken so long ago to try to schedule this session and all I can say is… it was worth the wait! We had a picture perfect morning, everyone was happy, cooperative and we really got some great images. Even with the gorgeous weather outside, I couldn’t help myself from taking some indoor images since the house was just incredible. Wonderful architectural details at every turn, with some gorgeous light to work with… see for yourself!

Just walking and don’t get in his way… Philadelphia children’s photographer

When “e”s mom first called me to talk about 1 year old pictures he wasn’t quite walking and we both agreed that it would be nice to wait and capture him once he was mobile. Well, fast forward about a month and… look out world. The “e” man is on the move and quite proud of his new found freedom. I just love this stage, while they are still a little wobbly on their feet, but soooooo determined to get from point a to point b all by themselves.
Enjoy your sneak peak “s” family!

Announcing the “e- gift certificate” – just in time for the Holiday’s…

ok, seriously… nobody has the right to look this good immediately following childbirth? Main Line Newborn Photographer

If I didn’t see the pictures of her pregnant or the images of her in the hospital bed with baby “L” I seriously wouldn’t have believed it was possible to look this good less than 2 weeks after giving birth? Well, baby “L” your a blessed little girl on many levels that are much more important than the clearly great gene pool you come from. A new Mommy and Daddy who are completely smitten with you and each other as well as an incredible support system of Grandparents pitching in right from the start. Coming from my own special relationship with my grandparents, I can’t stress enough what an important role they play in a child’s life. You are all very blessed to have each other, and to be enjoying one of life’s miracles together! Enjoy your sneak peak “M” family, and I look forward to watching your beautiful family grow!

a little something sweet to smile about this weekend… main line newborn photographer

I don’t usually do this, but I couldn’t resist giving the “M” family something extra special to smile about this weekend while they await their official sneak peak. I fell in love with this image of this beautiful little girl, and wanted to share it right away!

slow down and look at what is in front of you , a personal post … Main line family photographer

Photography started for me as a need to hold on to what was most dear to me in the world, my own children. My obsessive need to freeze what I felt so blessed to have, led me to learn the craft so that I could do justice to the beauty I was witnessing everyday. My photography career quite honestly spiraled out of control, and I was fighting for time to actually just enjoy my own family. The problem is that I honestly love what I do, and love being able to help others to not just preserve moments in their families but to actually see what is right in front of them. I’m not quite sure what the answer is, or how to achieve the correct balance. I know that I not only want to keep photographing families, but I have to… it’s just a part of me now. I also want to make sure not to neglect my own family, and so am going to start laying down some structure and boundaries where business is concerned.
Part of this revelation came to me while on a much needed vacation with my boy’s these last 2 week, we spent wonderful quality time together and of course I got the chance to get my camera on their beautiful, dark, soulful eyes that speak to me always without words. I actually took some portraits of them, which is not what I usually focus on as many of you may know. My normal goal is to capture “moments” but they are growing up and I wanted something different. It’s also a little difficult right now because my older son shares my artistic nature and passion, so we start getting into conversations about light and shadow and the little one starts tuning out and feeling left out at the same time. Oh the fun of same sex children at different stages. We are watching my older son become a man before our eyes and for each of us it’s both exciting and difficult to see. My younger son, feels more distance between them and is not enjoying being the “little brother” at the moment. I think my husband is having a hard time realizing that as he is getting older and a little less able to push his body the way he would like, his son is becoming stronger and more capable by the day. For me well, I miss my little boy who used to be so proud to say we were like twins we were so alike, I miss his snuggles, I miss being able to just play with his hair and listen to him babble. At the same time… I really like who he is, I mean I would pick him as a friend. We share common interests, and really have the same core values, oh… and I could stare at him all day, I find him just breathtaking in the way that only a mother can. Now my little guy… trying so hard to keep up, to grow up and yet somehow reveling in being the baby. Still so sensitive, but trying to be so tough. It’s not easy to be the younger brother. I just love to see his spirit, the way his mind works… so much like my husbands it amazes me all the time and the dimples… I hope they never go away. He still lets me snuggle, he pretends to mind but I know better. It’s funny but in these pictures I can see everything I just described, I’m sure part of that is that they allow me to see into their souls but to me it’s just priceless… Oh, and some of these are just fun shots from vacation and many more are on the way I just wanted to put these out there while the feelings were still fresh. Did I mention that my oldest started high school today, where has the time gone?
ps. please excuse any grammatical errors in this post, when I write from the heart I don’t stop to sensor it’s just not how I’m wired.

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