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All for the dogs… New Jersey beach family and pet photographer

I know I usually only show children, but as a dog owner myself I certainly understand when ones dogs are ones family and these 2 were just too much fun to pass up.

sneak peak for this gorgeous family, long overdue… main line family photographer

As promised, a full sneak peak for the “S” family… Philadelphia family photographer

More of these gorgeous blue eyed girls…

another mini for another “S” family… main line family and children’s photographer

I was in girl heaven with these 3, but Dad was clearly being ganged up on (and I’m afraid I was the ring leader in that). I promise Dad it will be worth it! This is a one image sneak peak until next week because my husband is not as good a sport as you are and he wants me to stop working and go to the beach! Enjoy the little tease and I promise more next week!

mini sneak peak for “S” family… main line family photographer

You must forgive me, but my husband is being very impatient and wants to go to the shore so… I’m giving you a mini sneak peak until next week (just to tide you over). I have soooooo many incredible images of these 2 blue eyed little girls, it will be tough to choose…

How can it be? Main line family photographer in the role of “mom” Moments Caught closed for graduation wednesday June 16th!

How can it be… my baby, my first born is graduating from middle school tomorrow! That means I will have a child in high school in the fall, which must mean… I’m old! I have been using my camera on this child for 15 years now, trying to freeze time and I am now forced with the realization that it is not working… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Since no post can be complete without pictures, I bring you… my boy, my heart, my soul… Jason

No two alike… Main Line children’s photographer

These three really keep Mom on her toes, with 3 very unique personalities! Each child clearly shines in his or her own way and their individual spirit comes through just beautifully. One thing they are all on the same page with is their obvious love of each other!

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