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More extended family… Main line family photographer

It’s so much fun to see the interactions between adult siblings, cousins, in-laws and cousins especially when they all love each other so much! Lot’s of laughter, some tushy pinching, hair pulling (and that’s just from the adults)! Enjoy your sneak peak! I tried to be fair and post equal amounts of each family, but there are so many combinations and fun images I finally gave up on fairness.

As beautiful on the inside as the outside! Main Line commercial photographer

I hadn’t seen this young lady since my son was in a “mommy and me” program with her many moons ago! She sort of took my breath away in many ways as she entered my studio for head shots. Not only is she obviously beautiful on the outside, but such a warm, real, genuine spirit shone through from the inside. She’s just one of those people you would be proud to call a friend. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, knowing the wonderful people her parents are… you know the saying… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Love to see grandparents getting in on the action… Main Line family photographer

I’m sure it has to do with my own special relationship I have always had with my Grandparents, but I love to see little ones with their Grandparents! Many people don’t realize how important it is to document this very special bond with pictures, I know that some of my personal favorites are of myself and my brothers with our grandparents. This family obviously appreciates what they have, and so not only did I have one set of Grandparents, but we had both sets plus and Uncle! And don’t forget the family dog!

Quite the poser, and his baby sister too! Philadelphia baby and family photographer

As soon as little Mr. L entered the studio I knew I was in for a treat! He just turned on the charm, and never turned it off through the whole session. Aside from being an obviously smitten big brother, he LOVED having his picture taken, and was more than willing to jump in front of the camera every chance he had. With those gorgeous eyes, not to mention eyelashes and hair I could take pictures of him forever. Ok, Ok I know the session was not just about the rising supermodel, and don’t worry his little baby sister “C” will not be ignored by anyone who sees her gorgeous eyes, and sweet disposition. I sense a very intelligent little girl as well, when she was awake little “C” was as alert and curious as a baby many weeks older than one. Take a look at the sneak peak and it isn’t hard to see where the beauty in these children come from… with two beautiful parents it’s pretty obvious!

another gorgeous 1 year old visits the studio… Philadelphia children’s photographer

Little “L” is as precocious as she is adorable, and that hair! When her gorgeous Mom and Dad walked in the studio with their almost black hair and I looked at little “L” with her incredible head full of red hair, I asked the question they get asked a hundred times a week… where did that hair come from? Mom had warned me, that since learning how to walk “L” doesn’t like to sit still and they weren’t kidding. What Mom and Dad didn’t anticipate was the love affair that “L” instantly found with my little stuffed bear! Enjoy your sneak peak “T” family!

It’s about hope… Race for the Cure 2010… Philadelphia commercial photographer

It’s about hope…
It’s about hugs…
It”s about unity and community…
It’s about people from all different backgrounds coming together, forming friendships in the strangest of circumstances with a common goal… The end of Breast Cancer!
It’s about magic… and if you don’t feel it all around you, your not allowing it in!

warning… way too many pictures… and imagine I have 200 more that I didn’t post here only for Komen’s eyes.

This will surely be the best dressed baby on the main line… Main line maternity and newborn photographer

If you have a little girl in your life (or not so little for that matter) than you know Mandy from My Kids Corner in Narberth! Well, Mandy is expecting her first child and as luck would have it, she’s having a girl (the store only carries girls clothing)! I have seen a picture of baby W’s closet and it is already filled with sweet, beautiful pinkness! I’m a little concerned with how “scout” the real princess of the W household is going to take to being 2nd fiddle, but I’m sure Scout will be just as in love with her new sister as Mom and Dad already are!

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