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It’s a good thing they are sooooooo cute… Main Line family photographer

Seriously, if these 2 weren’t just the sweetest, cutest kids the session would have been a bust! Mom drove all the way from North Jersey for our session, and sat in major traffic along the way. Both boys fell asleep, and awoke to a stranger in a strange new place and lets just say needed a few moments of adjustment. Once we got that out of the way, and started our exploration of ponds, ducks and frogs the skies opened up and it started to pour. We ran for cover and Mom and I amused the children for about an hour and a half under a covered porch while I snapped away as much as possible. Finally we looked outside and the rain had slowed to a drizzle so we braved the elements and finally got to feed some ducks and wander around a little. Well at this point as you can imagine, our young subjects were ready to be fed themselves. Mom piled them back in the SUV and away she went to sit in more traffic with 2 hungry, tired, but very cute boy’s. As you will see from the sneak peak, it sure is a good thing they are sooooooo cute or I never could have pulled this off!

Dad’s going to have to fight the boy’s off very soon… Main Line family photographer

I’m not kidding, with 2 beautiful blond haired, blue eyed, feisty, little girls on their hands the boy’s are going to make Dad crazy! What a fun family, and very busy little girls. Enjoy your sneak peak “W” family!

This little one didn’t want to miss a thing… Main Line baby photographer

Well, little Ms. “M” sure didn’t want to miss a trick during our session, and I have a feeling she will go through life with her eyes and heart wide open. We had a special treat during the session… “M’s” grandparents came all the way from Hong Kong to meet their first granddaughter so I had to include them in the pictures of course. It is always wonderful to see the grandparents reaction to their newest little love. I just loved the idea of getting 3 generations together for prosperity. We spent almost 4 hrs. together and I think “M” slept for a grand total of 5 minutes, but we got some beautiful shots as you will see in this sneak peak.

2 beautiful, sweet little girls… Philadelphia baby photographer

I just can’t get these 2 beautiful little girls out of my mind, they were just the sweetest! This was my first set of girl twins this past week, and I just had so much fun with all of that pink! Although they are twins they are very different both physically as well as their personalities. Each child shines in her own way already which is just amazing to me at 3 months of age. Clearly Mom is enjoying every minute of her girls and doesn’t seem to be a bit overwhelmed by her new role. Enjoy your sneak peak!

Dad is no longer outnumbered… Philadelphia family photographer

Daddy is no longer outnumbered and take it from someone who is outnumbered, it’s a good thing! I had so much fun watching big sister’s reaction to her new baby brother (or her new toy, as I think she thinks of him). I have a feeling Mom and Dad are going to have a lot of help parenting this little guy! Enjoy your sneak peak “S” family.

A picture perfect day, for a picture perfect family… Main line family photographer

We couldn’t have asked for a better day for this session, and we took full advantage of the spring like day. We explored every inch of one of my new favorite spots, and the kids now actually think getting their family pictures done can be fun (or at least thats what they told me). Enjoy your sneak peak “M” family!

Worth the wait… Philadelphia newborn photographer

I am honored to introduce a brand new addition to the W family! Little “B” couldn’t be more loved and appreciated by this very excited new Mom and Dad! I new they were special people from the first time I spoke on the phone with the Mom to be, and watching them not only together but with their new baby is nothing short of beautiful. I am so happy I was able to help them to preserve this very special time in their lives, and look forward to watching this family through the years! Enjoy your sneak peak and of course enjoy every minute with your little bundle of love!!!

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