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Personality plus, plus and more plus… Philadelphia children’s photographer

I had a blast once again photographing “Ms. H” Boundless energy, full of life, and an amazing spirit are just a small part of what describes this young lady. The goal of this shoot was high energy, fun, and action and we sure accomplished that. No more words are really necessary, see for yourself! Oh, and trust me narrowing this sneak peak down for this post was no easy task (I have about 45 favorites already).

Just some spring fun with my own kids… Main line family photographer

The spring weather got to me, and I spent some time on the trampoline with the kids! Before long my camera was calling my name, so in I went to get what was needed. I really wanted the perspective of flying in these images, so I actually laid down on the trampoline under my kids (major trust involved here). I had a blast and my kids were actually into it. FYI an amazing abdominal workout, laying on the trampoline while it’s bouncing and keeping your head extended to get the shot. My abs are killing today which is just a little perk! Oh, and just to keep things real… time in such close proximity can only end one way with two boys. You guessed it, an all out fight!

A day in the life/ Ordinary Moments… Philadelphia family photographer

This morning I stumbled upon this video, which reminded me how important it is to document those “ordinary moments” in your child’s life while they are still little. Now I am a glass totally full kind of girl, who appreciates every moment and spends most of my time with a smile in my heart, but… I could cry at the drop of a hat when I think about how quickly Jason and Jared have grown from my babies to the young men they are today. If a genie came to me and granted me one wish it would be to relive a day when they were 2 and 4 again. If I really wanted to be greedy, I would ask for a “do-over” now I wouldn’t change a thing but I would love to do it all again. This is really the reason photography is such a passion of mine, and I kid you not when I tell you that I have documented way too many “ordinary day’s”. After watching this video and immediately hitting buy on the book link, and drying my tears I thought I would remind my clients and friends that I do offer a session for just this purpose.
“A Day In the Life” photo sessions by Moments Caught Photography “Thinking I should re-name this to “ordinary moments” by Moments Caught Photography
Upon request I will spend the entire day with your family documenting what really goes on from the time your little one awakens to that last kiss goodnight. How I would love to relive again a day of my own children when they were small. This is not your typical picture perfect session, this is a sleep in the eye, temper tantrum, food all over their face, tears of frustration, snuggles, story time, tucking in, homework, and laughter so hard you might actually… (you get the idea) session. At the end you will be presented with a gorgeous keepsake album to treasure forever. Please inquire for availability and rates.
Now because I am the complete opposite of a sales person, I will tell you honestly… you don’t need me!! You really don’t, who cares about the quality of these images this is really about making sure you have something to remind yourself and your kids what you had, who you were, and how loved they were (boogers and all). Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparents take pictures, take way to many pictures. The one thing I can guarantee is that they will grow up so much faster than you can even imagine, and there is no magic genie for the “do-over”. Of course if you want gorgeous pictures, presented in a gorgeous keepsake album or keepsake box than by all means call me!! Reliving someone else’s moments with little ones is the next best thing to my genie fantasy, just be prepared for me to become a little overly attached to your little ones. Oh, and the link to the video that made me cry…
The gift of an ordinary day

little Mr. blue eyes caught my heart!!! Philadelphia baby and family photographer

… and how could he not? Seriously, I opened the door of the studio and saw those gorgeous blue eyes and new this session was going to be too easy! Mr. “J” is just the sweetest, and his parents are obviously enjoying every moment of their precious little guys babyhood. “J” is at that great age (just shy of 9 months) where every day is a new discovery, and his parents get to enjoy all the newness through his eyes. I had a great time, reliving this stage with the “D” family. Enjoy your sneak peak!!!

Always honored to be a part of Susan G. Komen! Philadelphia commercial photographer

One of the more rewarding things about being a photographer is being able to use my passion for photography to help out and try to make a difference. Susan G. Komen is one of my favorite organizations that I am involved in, and yesterday I was honored to be asked to once again cover the grantee luncheon. This year is was held in the gorgeous Lowes Hotel, and it was a wonderful and inspiring afternoon enjoyed by all.

Getting some girl time in…. Main Line family photographer

As most of you know I am the mother of 2 boys, so it’s always a treat for me to get to hang out with girls for a change! I have known the father of these 2 gorgeous girls since I was the same age as they are now, and he even brought my high school graduation picture in to rub it in. These girls are not only gorgeous, but bright, interesting and get this… sweet ?? I know, what is their secret? Ms. “L” is getting ready to celebrate an important milestone, her Bat Mitzvah so this was a little pre-celebration photo session. I know she is going to do a great job and her whole family will be very proud! Enjoy your sneak peak!

Even better when it has personal meaning… Philadelphia family photographer

I know, you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. I just found out that one of my pictures was selected as a finalist in a photography journal competition, which is very exciting in itself. What is so much more special is that the image is one I took of my 93 year old grandmother giving my brother what we call “a kiss on the keppela “. My grandmother means everything to all of the grandchildren and to my own 2 children her great grandchildren. When we were little and didn’t feel well, she would lean over and touch her lips to our forehead (the keppela) and pronounce us to be healthy or not. Some how her lips were always much more accurate than any thermometer ever was, and somehow her kiss always helped speed up our recovery. To not only have one of my images recognized, but for that image to bring up such feelings for myself and my brothers well… it’s why I do what I do. It’s what I mean in my tag line… images you can feel!

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