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2 beautiful and adored girls join me in the new studio, Philadelphia family Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

This family has the distinct honor (not to mention bravery) to be my first clients in the new studio in old city Philadelphia. What can I say besides being up for absolutely anything (even climbing over the toilet to get to a spot – don’t ask) they were just adorable. Big sister takes her new role as “mommy in training” very seriously and is so natural with her baby sister you would think she has 5 other siblings. The new baby was just beautiful, but not very sleepy at all, and the parents are totally in love with their growing family! Thanks for braving the “new studio” you guys made it look good!IMG_8339IMG_7949IMG_7970aIMG_7985IMG_8031IMG_8065IMG_8079IMG_8085IMG_8128IMG_8144IMG_8155IMG_8165IMG_8247IMG_8308

A lot to be thankful for… Main line family photographer, Moments Caught Photography

It’s one hour before 20 people arrive at my house for Thanksgiving dinner, my husband just broke my sink and I’m still wearing sweats… but I wanted to get this sneak peak up before the holiday dinner in case this family wanted to share it with their family. So, I will be short on words and long on pictures in honor of Thanksgiving!IMG_6756IMG_6862IMG_6878cuIMG_6964IMG_6821IMG_6891IMG_6920aIMG_7198bIMG_6901IMG_6936IMG_7217bIMG_7090IMG_7223bIMG_7308aIMG_7102IMG_7269bIMG_7378

Best buds already… Philadelphia family photographer, Moments Caught Photography

There is such a special bond between twins, and these 2 reminded me of my niece and nephew at that age. Aside from the coloring, they have very different features and certainly different personalities already. I have to say that what I enjoyed most about this session was how totally “in love” these parents are with their bundles of love. You couldn’t help but smile watching them interact with both each other and the kids. I promised that their sneak peak would be up to share with family by Thanksgiving so here you go, enjoy!IMG_6059IMG_6057IMG_6112aIMG_6154IMG_6230IMG_6371IMG_6396IMG_6401IMG_6449IMG_6464IMG_6605

I’ve known these children since the day they were born… Main Line Family Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

Seriously, when I realized that I have known both of these children since they were born I got a little choked up. It’s even more special to see what great people they have become. Outwardly they are as different as night and day, but on the inside I think very much the same (much like their parents I think). My favorite part of the session was when Mother and Daughter went on the trampoline together, Mom did it not just for the camera but for her daughter and to see them both enjoying the moment and each other so much is one of those moments I hope ms. “A” will always remember. IMG_6020IMG_5987IMG_5901IMG_5559IMG_5565IMG_5577IMG_5653IMG_5675IMG_5712aIMG_5733IMG_5752abIMG_5760aIMG_5794I know Mom has been waiting patiently for these, so I won’t keep rambling on… Enjoy your sneak peak!

2 brothers, a pile of leaves and… Main Line family photographer, Moments Caught Photography

Couldn’t resist, last years post with this family was “2 brothers, a beach and no rules” so this one was obvious! These guys had as much fun throwing leaves at each other this year as they did splashing each other on the beach last year. They remind me a little of my own 2 boy’s, so I was right at home with their antics. This year we included Mom and Dad which was great, it was especially fun for me to see the obvious enjoyment these parents take in their children. The laughter flowed and all 4 had such joy in their eyes throughout the whole session. It was one of those sessions where you just feel that “life is good”!

Still learning, everyday and hope I always will be… Philadelphia photographer, Moments Caught Photography

I get requests to tutor, mentor, teach a workshop all of the time from aspiring photographers and am always taken aback at first. My response is always that I am an open book and will certainly try to help any way I can but that I am still learning myself. I think photography is one of those things that you are constantly learning in, and that is one of the things I love about it. Aside from reading everything I can get my hands on, taking classes and getting out there and practicing every single day, I go to as many workshops from other photographers whom I respect as possible. This past weekend I got to go to the One Light Workshop which focuses on photography with you guessed it “one light” although in truth one light is just a start. I had a great experience and feel even more comfortable with my lighting skills now. Here are some images I took from this workshop, some are models and some are just other participants that we had an opportunity to practice on.
IMG_4161bIMG_4167bIMG_4169bwbIMG_4203bIMG_4208bIMG_4213bIMG_4225bIMG_4286bIMG_4307 copyb

I just love to watch them grow up… Main Line Family Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

It has been one year since I last photographed the “P” family and all 3 of these children are growing up and changing so quickly. What has not changed is how sweet they are and how the two bigger ones look out for and care for their baby sister. It is so sweet to see how they interact with each other, and I look forward to watching them grow up even more in the future.

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