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Brains, beauty and personality plus! Main Line Family Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

Seriously these girls have it all and then some! I had so much fun on this session watching these 3 sisters interact with each other. It was great to be a part of, but reminded me of how much I wanted to have a sister growing up (no offense intended to my 3 brothers of course). Each girl has her own distinct personality, but their is no denying the connection they share. I loved how spunky they all were, willing to try anything and enjoying tons of new experiences with no hesitation (like a real live chicken coup, and being sprayed by water from a fountain on a very chilly day) they certainly understand the meaning of “live every moment”. I also loved getting to know their parents a little bit more, it was easy to see that they are doing something right. I love when I see respectful, kind children and a true family bond. Thanks for really letting me in and enjoy your sneak peak (even though it’s a little late).

Oh, this Dad is in BIG trouble… Main Line Family Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

I mean seriously check out these little beauties… I can’t even imagine the stress he will be under when he has 3 gorgeous teenage girls in the house at one time! I was there to document the arrival of the 3rd sister and boy is she one loved little girl already. Little “A” was not only a true beauty, but has a strong and feisty personality to boot (she’s going to need it to keep up with her big sisters. Once again, my being the mother of all boys, I was in pink tutu heaven!!!

A fun fall family session! Philadelphia family photographer, Moments Caught Photography

I love that all you have to do is sit 2 boy’s down in a pile of leaves and they can stay busy for hours… if you let them that is. These two boys remind me of my own at that age, in fact I think I have one of these exact images of my own kids (but with dark hair of course). “S” family you are in for many happy years with these two, thats for sure!!!

not exactly newborn, but new and perfect to this family… Philadelphia Newborn Photographer, Moments Caught Photography

Wait until you see the blue eyes on this little guy, which is not surprising coming from his gorgeous Mommy! We ventured out into a gorgeous fall day to capture some great images of this new family and little “O” couldn’t have been happier in the great outdoors. He seemed to love to be on the move which seems fitting since both Mom and Dad are runners, we couldn’t resist giving little “o” a medal of his Dads to get him in the mood. I have a feeling it won’t be too long until you are both running after him!
[caption id="attachment_843" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="a champ at birth"]a champ at birth[/caption]
IMG_2722 (1)

Philadelphia premier of Law Abiding Citizen… Philadelphia commercial photographer

Philadelphia got a little taste of Hollywood last night at the premier of the thriller Law Abiding Citizen!
The film directed by F. Gary Gray and starring Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Leslie Bibb, Regina Hall, Bruce McGill, and Viola Davis to name a few is sure to be a big hit! It is a grip the edge of your seat, nail biting, heart racing film that is at the same time intelligent and thought provoking. The film also featured some new talent like Emerald-Angel Young and Reno Laquintano as well as local talent like Brooke Stacy Mills all of whom I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of, their performance was noteworthy to say the least. Of course the city’s own queen of the film industry Sharon Pinkenson was also in attendance which only added to the excitement of the evening.

A real beauty both inside and out… Main Line family photographer

Ms. “S” has known what she wanted since the day she was born (exactly one month after my son, I might add). A deep soul, a beautiful face, a kind heart, and innate knowledge beyond her years will all aid her well in reaching her goals. I am honored to play a small part in her journey, and I only ask for 10% when she is a big star… LOL
Check out the range she shows in these sneak peaks from our shoot!

This little guy wears the pants in this family… Main Line Family Photographer

Well not really, but little Mr. “G” is certainly a headstrong, spirited, independent little guy. He happens to also be a sweetheart who is very loved by his lucky parents. This family was a referral by a great family I photographed last year, and referrals are the best kind of clients! We had a gorgeous morning for our shoot with a hint of fall in the air and on the trees. Little “G” had so much fun spotting all of the changing leaves on the ground.

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