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“law abiding citizen” movie trailer is here! “Philadelphia photographer, Moments Caught Photography”

when the streets of Margate NJ flood, the residents come out to play! Philadelphia family photographer at the beach

I wouldn’t believe it, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Literally within minutes the street floods, and the SUV’s are the only safe vehicles left on the street. All of the neighbors (most of which are summer residents like us) come out on the porch to stare, while the kids (big and small) get out their boogie boards, bikes, or just use their feet. Certainly keeps everyone entertained on a rainy day.

summer fun in LBI… philadelphia family photographer at the beach

One of the coolest thing about my job is watching children grow up who I have known since birth, which is the case with little “ms. s”. I didn’t think it was possible for her eyes to get bigger and bluer but they have. We had this session on the beach in LBI on “the hottest day of the summer” which didn’t stop us at all. This session also has the unique distinction of being the first photo session I have ever showered during… don’t ask? It will all be covered in my book on the dangers of being a professional child and family photographer LOL!

another one at my favorite age… Philadelphia children’s photographer

so full of adventure, curiosity and joy what a great age! Mr. “J” is no exception to this, but add to that oodles of sweetness and love and that’s what he is…

and now they are complete… Main line family photographer

Not that they weren’t complete before, but I always feel that when that 2nd baby arrives the fun really begins! I have had the pleasure of photographing other members of this family before, so I knew I was in for some major cuteness. Just like her cousin “M” little “L” is all girl and has very clear ideas of what she wants to do and when. We became such good friends that half the time I was playing with her and not taking pictures which is exactly how she wanted it. Ms. “L” also took her role as big sister to her new baby brother very seriously (most of the time) as you will see. I predict a fun filled house for years to come with this bunch.

Giving 18 a good name… Philadelphia family photographer

This young woman gives me hope that my own two might just turn out ok after all. What a together, self confident, unique girl Ms. “N” is. I shouldn’t be surprised with such a cool and loving Mom, but “N” really has it all! She knows just who she is and isn’t about to be anything less. I must also mention the very special relationship between Mother and daughter, I think someone is going to miss her best friend when she goes off to collage in the fall. Oh, and of course how could I forget to mention the dog who holds a very special part in “N”s heart.
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