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Have I mentioned how much I love this stage! Main Line baby photographer

There is just nothing cuter than the newness of independence on a little ones face. A whole new world has opened up for them, and they have every intention of exploring every inch of it. Ms. “P” was no exception and even took a few wobbly steps for me. The other part of this stage I find amusing is the need to put everything in there mouth and of course Mom’s and Dad’s of first children find this to be a big no-no. I can’t help chuckle a little thinking how different they will react when it is their second child. Ms. “P” is just the cutest little girl, she reminds me of a living doll… see for yourself.

3 seems to be the magic number these day’s! “Main Line Family Photographer, Moments Caught”

So many families of 3 lately, and I just love the dynamics of 3 kids. It really seems to me that their is less competition, and more consideration for each other in a family of 3 children. This certainly was the case with this bunch, I’m not sure I have seen a more well behaved, respectful, kind group of kids in a long time. The love is clearly evident and it shines through in these images as well. Enjoy your sneak peak “K” family.

A Philadelphia family gets a new look and then some… “Philadelphia commercial Photographer, Moments Caught Photography”

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