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This might just be my most favorite session to date!!! Main Line family photographer

This really might just be my most favorite session to date so please bear with me while I post a whopping 18 images. I tried to narrow it down and this is what I got! Ok, and now for a sappy emotional moment; I also must confess my feelings as I drove away from this session…
As I drove away from this gorgeous family session I felt very nostalgic and almost sad about the passing of time in my own family. It really hit me just how old my own children are getting and I realized that this special time in my life has passed. I was so happy to have been able to document this period for this family and new that I had gotten great images, but I couldn’t help feeling sad that I never did the same with my own and now they are big kids with big attitudes. Now, I could have wallowed in this hormonally induced sadness but what happened next made me realize how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing. I walked into my own home and felt so grateful for my own life, I hugged my big obnoxious boys a little tighter and guess what they hugged me back. I tore myself away from the computer and enjoyed the gorgeous night outside playing with my own kids with a new kind of appreciation for every moment. I realized that not only do I love what I do, but it helps me to appreciate my own life even more than I already do. I really do have the best job in the world. Below you will see my favorite images so far, take a minute while you are looking at them and remind yourself of how lucky you really are. Oh, and on a funny note… at one point the kids and their Mom (who is way cooler than me for this one) found a frog and took him or her out of her pond to play with it (yuck). I am more scared of frogs than anything else in the world and I was so torn between running like mad and sticking around to get the shots (obviously getting the shots won out, but I’m still having nightmares about it).

How does it happen?

It’s barely spring and I’m behind in blog posts again…. As promised here are a few images from some uber cool parents who let me put their kids in the fountain! My favorite kind of clients by the way, there is simply nothing better than kids in water that they are not allowed to go in! It just brings out the rebel in me!!!

The edgy side of Moments Caught Photography… Philadelphia photographer

Although children’s photography is really my passion there is a whole other side to Moments Caught Photography, I like to call it the edgy side… A prime example is the photo’s of gorgeous Ms. “A” shown here. We tried to show both sides of this young woman, and I think we did just that.

Out west skiing for spring break… Philadelphia family photographer

So it’s a spring break ritual in our family… just as the flowers start to bloom and the weather turns warm, we head to Utah to freeze and be surrounded by fresh powder (snow). What’s a girl to do? Take pictures of course…

Finally all 3 of these children in one place… Philadelphia family photographrer

What a gorgeous family indeed…

and now for the leader of the pack… Philadelphia children’s photographer

The oldest beauty in this family is Ms. “T” and she is not only gorgeous but a doting big sister who her siblings obviously look up to and adore.

as promised here is the next gorgeous child… Philadelphia child photographer

Meet Mr. “k” the youngest and the only boy, no wonder he is so suave and cool. The girls better watch out for this one in a few years…

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