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A lot to be thankful for… (well it is a thanksgiving post)

I couldn’t resist the reference to thanksgiving being that it is thanksgiving day. Three very busy, very independent young children and a new puppy keep this Mom and Dad on there toes. I’m sure there is never a dull moment in there house. I’m not sure if you will check this post on the holiday, but I wanted you to be able to share your sneak peak with family tonight.

another new miracle…

You know it never ceases to amaze me when I witness a new life. As my own children grow up (way to fast), I feel so lucky to constantly get to be a part of other families miracles. Miracle describes perfectly the wonder of a new life. Not just is it a new life, but it is the start of a whole new world for a family. No matter if this is a first born or a new sibling, life as we knew it will never be the same. For the “B” family this little one is a first, and the new parents are positively smitten with there perfect little boy. I love witnessing the wonder of first time parents, I feel like I get to relive it. I have to make special mention of the tenderness this new Dad showed his little guy. Now Dad is a pretty big, masculine guy with a beautiful singing voice. Every time little “J” would fuss a little (I was torturing him, you know) Dad would start right in with a gorgeous soothing lullaby, making words up as he went around. It was enough to bring Mom and I to tears and of course soothe little “J” right back to sleep. I know this family will have a blessed life together, and this is just the start. PS. I have the most gorgeous image of Mom nursing “J” that I won’t show on the blog, but to me it screams motherhood defined. I can’t wait for you to see it!

2 doting older siblings + 1 adored little sis = one happy, busy, loving family!

That much was obvious during this family session. It was so sweet to see how much the older two cared about their little sis, and her face would just light up every time they played with her. Even more obvious was that as much as little sis loved her older siblings and thought they were just the coolest, she still had her very own agenda. I have kept this family waiting long enough for their sneak peak so “P” family here it is…. Enjoy!!!

So lucky to have each other!!!!

I couldn’t be more jealous of these 3 girls. All I ever wanted growing up was a sister (I have 3 brothers, who I wouldn’t trade for the world… but). These 3 girls are so lucky to have each other and the best part is, I think they realize and appreciate it. Each girl has her own unique spirit which shines through beautifully. Just see for yourself….

I tortured another baby today…

What a sweet little boy “W” is. He was so good, he just kept falling back to sleep every time I disturbed him. I couldn’t wait to get home and see these images, I have tons to go through but wanted to get some on here for you guys right away. Enjoy the sneak peak, and more importantly cherish every moment with your special little guy.

A mother’s dream…

Well, this Mom has done something right? I think I am going to hold her pictures hostage until she shares her secrets on how to raise such a well adjusted guy. Mr. “K” is not only handsome, polite and a great athlete, but check out the hair on that kid. More importantly the love and respect he showed his Mom was great to see and I don’t think it had anything to do with the fact that she took him to see Coldplay the night before. Here is your sneak peak E family, enjoy!!!

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