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a spirited bunch of cuties…

Oh, how the younger sister reminded me of my headstrong, spirited, charming, baby (he’s 10 now). And big sis is so much like my kind, sweet, flexible, easy going old soul of my first born (he’s now 13). I don’t know if it’s a birth order thing or just a coincidence, but I could have been in my own house with my own family and not known the difference. Wait till you see all the great images I caught, they really show both girls individual self. For now, here is your sneak peek “P” family!

Introducing the next abercombie models, well not yet…

What a gorgeous family, so glad I didn’t have to ruin my record of only photographing the most beautiful families. The girls seemed to be having a blast running around and exploring one of my favorite spots, but I think I had the most fun of all. Even Dad was a trooper surrounded by all of his girls on a gorgeous fall day. We got so many awesome shots it was very hard for me to pick which of these to post on the blog and I think it’s going to be even harder for you to choose. Enjoy your sneak peak “B” family.

Long overdue for the “H” family

How fun are these guys? A family after my own heart… down to earth, adventurous, real, fun, and a family that truly knows what matters in life (so refreshing). What did we do on this photo shoot you may ask? We went for a hike in the woods, when I told my own boys they both asked if they could come along on this one (I didn’t bring them by the way). We played in some very old ruins complete with signs that said, “do not enter, danger”. We skimmed rocks in the creek, got our shoes and shorts wet, climbed rocks, got nice and dirty and then gave Mommy a big kiss and Daddy a big lick (don’t ask)? I think these images really show the unique spirit this family is filled with.

young love…

So cute, even cuter when the guy is your little brother! Yes, this is my little brother and his girlfriend. So sweet to see him this way, can you say…. awwwwwww

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