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Having some fun with post processing

You know as a photographer you have to constantly evolve, and sometimes that means pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. My brother was in yesterday and he is also a photographer, we decided to wander around Manayunk and take some pictures. It was a grey day, very little light, no color changes in the leaves around here yet basically blah. I took these otherwise ordinary pictures and played a little with some post processing techniques and got some cool unique images. Not necessarily my thing, I’m more into reality but it was a learning experience and I think they look kind of cool. What do you think?

Do I get to photograph the cutest kids in the world, or what?

Seriously, you would think I advertise “I only photograph beautiful people”. Just lucky I guess. Once again being with these little guys was like rewinding my own life a mere 8 years ago to when my own boy’s were this age. It’s a natural for me, and I just start playing all the old games, it hardly feels like work. I know I haven’t lost my touch with little ones when they are upset to leave me and still want to play more of my games. Enjoy these moments now guys, before you know it they are 13 and don’t find you quite so cool anymore. Here is your sneak peak “H” family, I haven’t found a bad picture yet.

Nothing better than a well rounded senior…

unless of course he’s also a nice guy! What can I say this kid has it all, athletic, intelligent, good looking, and on top of all that respectful of his incredible Mom. I know I always bring up my own kids in my blog posts, but I couldn’t help thinking about my own son’s during this whole session. I can only hope my boy’s turn out like Mr. “P” and show me the love and respect he show’s his mother. Mrs. mom of Mr. “P” you sure did something right! And now to reward you all for your patience with this sneak peak I am going to reward you with extra images in this post.

So this is what 13 looks like today?

Ms “A” holds a very special place in my families heart, so I was thrilled to be able to capture who she is at this crossroads in her life. Turning 13 is a big deal, you are now officially a teenager! I hope these images help you to see yourself as the beautiful person you are both inside and out. Enjoy your sneak peak, and Happy early birthday to my very special girl.

2 brothers, a beach and no rules…

That was my bribe to these boys as we started our adventurous session. After I got the ok from Mom that yes they could go in the ocean in their adorable outfits, all bets were off. I told the boys we were just going to have fun on the beach and in the ocean, and yes they could go in the ocean at 7 pm. I guess I forgot how fast little boys can run on the beach. Once I caught up with them we got some incredible images that I think really capture the individual spirit of each child and the special bond that only brothers (or a parent of 2 boy’s) can truly understand. Enjoy your sneak peak “R” family I have way to many fun pictures of your gorgeous boy’s for you to see.

I’m on a roll, catching up on personal posts…

When our kids got home from overnight camp, we took them to the mountains for a week at a lake house. The best part was we could bring our boat and our dogs so everyone was happy. Our day’s were spent on the lake water skiing, wake boarding, surfing, and tubing and our nights were spent around the campfire enjoying s’mores and each other. Now it’s back to the reality of school, work and homework but it’s all good. I’m sharing a few of our family moments from a great week for an inside look at my own kids.

final vacation post…

Started day 5 by checking out the Claylocke beach area, Ruby beach, 1st and 4th beach although each was gorgeous in their own right none compared for us to the magic of the others the day before. We then went to the Quianault Lodge for the evening, took another hike up to the falls and relaxed by the lake and campfire enjoying the company of other guests from all over the world. Day 6 was incredible, we drove to Mt. Ranier, checked into what I call our fantasy cabin at the Storm King Spa and went on to explore the inexplainable beauty of Mt. Ranier. We hiked through wild flowers one minute and snow the next, we came back down to Longmire at the suggestion of a fellow photographer to catch a gorgeous sunset over Mt. Ranier. Dinner at the famous Copper Creek Inn with the best blackberry pie we had all week (and we had it almost every night). Day 7 we woke up at 5:30 am to catch the sunrise over reflection lake which was well worth the early hour. Next we started our biggest hike of the week, we got above the snow line for an up close look at the glacier, saw a black fox along our 8 plus miles made our way down and had a late lunch at Paradise Inn. Finally it was time for some well deserved R and R back at our cabin/yurt. We took Jacuzzies on our deck and then had incredible massages at the spa. Day 8 we went around the other side of Mt. Ranier to Sunrise and hiked through this mountain known for their wildflowers, we did get to see a black bear in the meadow below us which is always cool. After this hike we went on our way to Seattle for our last night. We checked out the famous pikes peak market along with all the characters that frequent this spot. More fresh gorgeous flowers, fruit, veggies, seafood and crafts than you can imagine along with street musicians galore. Then it was a sad farewell to a vacation filled with adventure, beauty and too much blackberry pie. I hope you enjoy this last sampling of photos as much as I enjoyed the journey taking them. href=’’>

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