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Vacation posting part 2

Day 3 started with a bike ride along the discovery trail towards Sequoium. Next was our drive along the coast to Cape Flattery, and this is a drive you just can’t believe. The most twisty, turning crazy roads I have ever been on. My husband was trying to control his male hormonal urge to take the turns at 60 mph and I was screaming for him to slow down the entire trip. We then hiked straight down in the rain to see what can only be described as something from another world, we really felt like we had just entered another planet. Oh, and I should mention that Cape Flattery is the most western point in the United States. Hiking back up in the rain and by this time dark got my heart racing again followed by another round of those roads to get back home. The following morning we drove to the Hoh rain forest walked through the hall of mosses (which reminded us both of the wizard of oz) then hiked the Hoh trail and came face to face with a bull Elk, apparently we came much to close to this Elk but we escaped unharmed. We ate lunch in the now famous town of Forks, the town where the Vampire series of books Twilight takes place. Another side note… I couldn’t resist reading the book that I was hearing so much about and am now completely obsessed and hooked on this series. We next checked into the Monitou Lodge (very cool spot, I highly recomend) and went onwards to the breathtaking 2nd beach. You have to climb over tons of driftwood just to get to the beach which changes hourly with the tides. This is like no beach here on the west coast and was a awe inspiring scene. We also visited Rialto beach that night to see the sunset and then back to sleep in our cool lodge. More coming tomorrow….

And now we interrupt your regularly scheduled programing…

of babies, bellies, and gorgeous children to bring you my long overdue travel pictures. I am ashamed to admit this is almost a month overdue at this point, but I have been swamped with actual business blog posting. My husband and I once again traveled out west while our children were away at overnight camp, this year our destination was Washington State. I think I will have to break this up into several blog posts to cover all of the areas properly, and if anyone has any questions regarding where we stayed and what we did for your own vacation planning don’t hesitate to ask.
Day 1: We landed in Seattle and drove to Port Angelas a beautiful area, we wandered around the pier and went to bed early so we could be up at the crack of dawn to hike hurricane ridge at sunrise. The hike was gorgeous we ran into some black tailed deer. Next up was a visit to Lake Crescent with a short hike to Merrymore Falls followed by some kayaking on the oh so pristine Lake Crescent. Following are some of my favorite images from these first 2 day’s…

A sign of the times…

I just couldn’t resist posting these!

There’s a baby boom in the main line right now…

So many babies born lately, and all girls… I tell you it’s messing with my hormones. I have accepted that my baby making day’s are over, but holding all of these sweet perfect little newborns is starting to get to me (don’t tell my husband or he won’t let me work). Little Miss L is just perfect in every way, such a beautiful little girl and I think she already look s like her big brother. Here is your sneak peak of little L! Oh and I am going crazy for the one where little L gets to meet the family dog, I just love how the pup is looking up at Dad as if to say, ” is this ok, I’m being gentle”?

This group gives new meaning to my tag line… “real life captured”

In a good way of course, and I couldn’t help but seeing a little bit of my own kids in each of theirs. What could be better than sweet white dresses on little blue eyed girls in the summer? Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer together! Here is the sneak peak for a very lucky family, enjoy! Oh, and by the way I did manage to get some cute ones with everyone in it! By Sandy Edelstein | Posted in children's photography, current favorite, family celebrations, family photos, Philadelphia attractions | Tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments (1)

2 sweet little girls + 2 cute canines = a happy family

This family just recently grew by 1 more dog! Like any dog loving family they couldn’t leave the pups out of all the family fun! Bailey seemed like an old pro at posing, but the new baby (baxter) is still learning the ropes. Being a dog lover myself I always encourage clients to bring the furry friends along for the fun. The girls had fun exploring all the secret spots of my favorite location and promised not to give away all of my secrets! Shhhhhhh! Enjoy this sneak peak and I think I will have everything ready for you before your big move “M” family.

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